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    i customer has a friend who would like to sell his gene, it has only been used 10hrs, i think it is a Honda and it is a 3000watt, Will this be big enough to run ac and hot water heater and force dryer? it was $2000 new, he's asking $1000 is this a good deal?

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    Not big enough. I run a 6200 Watt generator and it can barely keep up. When I run my HV dryer I have to turn off the heat/AC or it will kick the breaker on the generator. Its not so much the wattage as much as the amps you will pull. My generator has two 20 amp 110 v outputs. Those are dedicated to my water heater and shop/clipper vac. The main 30 amp comes into my circuit panel which feeds out into the overhead lights, AC/Heat, and wall plugs. If you run a HV dryer that pulls 12 to 14 amps and then your heat/AC that pulls another 10 to 12 amps you can see that you quickly start to max out the amps. IF you get to the limit the circuit will start to overheat and the gernator will kick the breaker. If you can go bigger you won't regret it one bit.


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      I have kicked the breaker on my 8000 watt gen when I was running the heater the dryer the water heater and the fan on the air conditioner to pull out humidity. with a generator bigger is better.


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        GO to LOWES or HOME DEPOT

        I just brought a back up generator at Lowes for 329.00 it has 3500 watts,go check them out first,your thinking about buying something used,what happens if it stops running ,with the stores you can return it buying a used one your stuck. My Onan is 6500 watt for my trailer and that cost 2,700 brand new.

        Originally posted by Black Diamond View Post
        i customer has a friend who would like to sell his gene, it has only been used 10hrs, i think it is a Honda and it is a 3000watt, Will this be big enough to run ac and hot water heater and force dryer? it was $2000 new, he's asking $1000 is this a good deal?


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          Another Option

          I saw a really nice generator at Sams Club over the weekend. Thinking about getting it and taking the one I have and using it only as a back up. It was Honda powered and 8500 watts and was only 899. Think it was called Black Max. Looking on their website they have a 10000 watt with electric start for 878, shipping included. 41 club members give it a 4.5 out of 5 stars.


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            mail box

            Pls. clean up your mailbox, I've sent you a PM.



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              It always amazes me when people ask about genes because I've seen so many different opinions. I bought an 8000 watt gene and then was told by someone here,(very nicely of course) can't remember who, that is was much too big and more than I needed. They gave a whole list of reasons why I didn't need such a big one, but I figure I may be running two force dryers off of it for two groomers and would rather have too much power than not enough. I see the conversion companies using 6000-7000 watt genes it seems. I do agree, though I am no expert, that 3000 is NOT enough. And I paid $800 for my 8000 watt Briggs and Stratton gene brand new from Home Depot. It was on clearance though. The friend converting my rig actually bought it for me and is building a muffler for it since I've heard the Briggs and Stratton are really noisey. I have also heard they are extremely reliable though too.
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                Construction grade generators won't cut it!

                Hubby checks in:

                The generators you can get at the big box hardware/lumber yards are NOT the kind of generators you want to use on a daily basis for mobile grooming. The 'construction grade' generators are loud and are not rated for the use a mobile groomer would put on them. Even if you could put a better muffler on them, the mechanical noise of the engine is much louder than the generators from Kohler, Onan, and Generac that ARE rated for continuous use. The cheaper generators cannot keep a voltage rating within tolerances that electronic equipment will require, if you run anything with an electronic control on a cheap generator, you will shorten its life.

                Getting started in mobile grooming? Do it right and get the RIGHT generator, one with a voltage regulator, electric start, and a rating of at LEAST 7000 watts. Those cheap generators from Lowes and Home Depot may run for a while, but if you get 1000 hours of use from one, consider yourself VERY lucky.

                Think about it. If the major conversion companies put the extra money into installing a proper generator, knowing that a reliable generator is what keeps your business running, shouldn't you?
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                  3kw not big enough. The rated power output is listed as a peak surge. 3kw is actually less then 3kw more like 2.5 or 2.7 continuous on a good day if the wind is blowing the right direction. Onan had a number of complaints from end users over the years but trying to explain the rating system is like peeing on a Cal wild fire to put it out. People only hear or read what they want.


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                    Why don't you borrow it for a couple of days and try it. IF it did work for you....$1000 is a great price. They run between $1700-$2000. At that price i would buy it as a backup generator anyway.


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                      Bought one of these.

                      OK I can tell you all about this great little generator since I decided to buy one.All at one time it runs my 10000 btu air, hot water heater, lights, my radio, my k9II 17 amps. Will also support my large edemco arm dryer 16.5 amps with all of the above . Have not tried running both k9 and edemko dryer at the same time yet.Iwas told that a lot of the other bigger generators were not rated correctly so they arent truely as big as they claim to be. The honda being a well made generator does everything I need. I was amazed!! Also VERY quiet and doesn't use hardly any gas. I payed $1765 out the door. But they usually run about $1900 to$2100. You just have to shop around. Honda dealers want your business. Ilove this little generator!