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  • Price matching the under cutters....

    Today my last client told me she gave my # to her friend who lives around the corner from her.... She said she had 2 mini aussies... One of which she said was as big as her fat huge border collie.... She told me what her friend pays now and it is 15 dollars less per dog than my min charge.... She says her friend gets her dogs done weekly. Would you give that big of a price break? I don't know if I want to do that. I mean if she is happy with the job the cheaper groomer is doing she would'nt be looking for someone else, right? Why should I price match the groomer who is not doing the better job? My assistant says.... Take the money it's a good regular client.... OPINIONS PLEASE???!!!

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    I can't comment on the price because I dunno what it takes to keep your rig rolling, but, I will say that if people want a weekly "special" make them pay for the entire month up front. it tends to make them less forgetful if the appointments are already paid for.
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      Good idea... does anyone else do this?


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        Originally posted by Smart-n-Pretty View Post
        I can't comment on the price because I dunno what it takes to keep your rig rolling, but, I will say that if people want a weekly "special" make them pay for the entire month up front. it tends to make them less forgetful if the appointments are already paid for.
        And my hubby says "Hmmmmm" and gets that weird look in his eye. I know he's thinking, I can hear the wheels turning.
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          I had a weekly client that is now moving, thank goodness! They paid as we went and cancelled a LOT. We would go 3 weeks, then cancel, a week then cancel, 2 weeks and CANCEL. Drove me nuts. I gave her a big discount, about $25 off for these reasons: The dog was a Jap Chin mix whose coat when full grown was only about an inch long. He got shaved every other week with a #4 in reverse all over, tail and ears left natural. With his hair always being only a 1/2" long at any given time, he took all of 20 - 30 mins to groom start to finish. The problem was, she would talk her head off every time, so that I was at her home for an hour or more EVERY time. I could have groomed a 6 week dog in that time and made $30 - $40 more with a bunch of 6 week clients, vs her weekly dog. UGH! If you plan to discount, either do the prepay idea and they pay whether they keep it or not (unless a true emergency) or only discount minimally. After this experience, I don't think I would recommend taking on a weekly mobile client at all. Shop client, sure, but 1 or 2 weekers, never again.


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            Have you seen the new comercial that is out about the hair salon that had a discount shop open up across the street? The discount shop hung a sign offering $6 haircuts so the old, established shop hangs a sign that reads "We fix $6 haircuts"

            Really, if someone is just looking for a bargain, you really need to decide how much your time is worth. Don't feel guilty about charging more money. If you are able to make a go of your business and can get the higher price, there is no reason to bargain with people. Now, if you want to offer a special deal, of course you have the right to do that, but don't feel obligated to match another business's price.

            I'd bet there is a reason your client still comes to you and hasn't followed her friend to the other groomer. As soon as you give her friend a discount, guess who will be expecting it next! And, as a side note, just cause they call them "mini" Aussies doesn't mean it is one...if its the size of a BC, its just simply an Aussie!


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              I am NOT mobile. I give weekly customers $5 off their groom, but they have to prebook, and if they miss more than a week they are back to the regular price at least for awhile (stuff happens) It is also easier for me being in a shop if they have to just reschedule for the week by a day or two. I don't change the price as long as it is sometime within the week.

              If I were mobile I could see making them pay for a month at a time, since it is harder if they have to rearrange
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                I am not mobile yet. Hopefully in the near future. I would not price match. It will only hurt you in the end. Only give the the discount you would normally give for a weekly customer. If she wants the same price she should stay with the groomer she is at. My question would be if why are you looking for a new groomer. You can't get better quality for the same heap price. If she can't live with your price she probably will be a weekly pain anyways.


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                  How low can you go?

                  Dear CurbsideCuties,

                  OK let’s do this. It's not how low can you go but how high you can go. Replace the bargain hunters with quality clients that don't cancel, appreciate your services and quality and tip generously. You are just fishing in the wrong pond. Make a plan to get more this year and not settle for less.

                  [b]Being mobile you only have so many slots to fill.[/b] Fill them with Wal-Mart shoppers and that is what you get. Fill them with Macy’s shoppers and that's what you get. If you drop your standards and your prices you are going in the wrong direction.

                  When will the other lowballers price you so low you are working twice as hard to make half as much. Break out of that thinking and go for the gold. Concentrate on getting more groom dogs. If you are trying to compete on bath dogs with the lowballers you will lose because people with bath dogs go for price and anybody (less talented groomer) can bath and brush. Also, traditionally bath dogs do not get groomed as frequently.

                  You end up with more groom dogs then bath dogs this way but that is where your talent is and where the money is and why your good clients need you so much. Sure bath dogs are gravy but to do them for less when you could be grooming for more makes no sense at all.

                  Let’s not search for ideas on how we can make less and keep cheap clients from going somewhere else. Let’s search for ideas on how to get and keep more quality clients who pay, keep their appointments and appreciate your services enough to tip and rebook and replace the time consuming, backbreaking, lowballing and non-tipping bargain hunters.

                  Cheap is as cheap does. "The Land of Making Money" is a journey to a place where you get top dollar for all you do. We need to leave the "Land of Giving It Away" and work half as hard for twice as much. This is the direction I would like all groomers to go because it brings us all up and makes us all more money.

                  Groomers you may think that lowballing yourselves because others are doing the same is all you can do but it is not. There are good paying clients everywhere out there so you do not have to always take from the bottom of the barrel. Make a plan, aim high and hold your ground. Don't settle for less you are worth it. This is not a criticism, just a different point of view and just my humble opinion.

                  Good Luck and Godspeed,



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                    Originally posted by CurbsideCuties View Post
                    Good idea... does anyone else do this?
                    All of my weekly clients prepay the month. I do have one client that gets a discount...just because she asked when I was starting out. One client pays for a couple months in advance and I show up at my discounts. You don't have to give discounts to have or keep clients. Do a good job, be friendly, cut people a break when they need one and expect the same in return.


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                      If you discount for one client, then you MUST discount for ALL….
                      WHY you ask.........well
                      1). People talk
                      2) Discrimination
                      3) Does you job get “easier” when you discount?......NO
                      4) Does the job take less time washing, drying, conditioning, tidy trims………NO
                      5) NO DISCOUNTS TO ANYONE, advertise your prices and let them stand !!

                      Happy Stable Pricing

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                        i give discounts to certain dogs for all types of reasons....i also charge top dollar for many and EVERYONE is given a reason why i do what i do as far as prices. Nothing is hidden and if a client wants to "talk" to another client, let them. I have nothing to hide why one gets a discount and one does not i have never had a problem.


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                          Ditto Chuck and Dolly, no discounting here.
                          What does a dog do on it's day off?


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                            Thanks Chuck & Dolly!

                            Lots of great advice as usual! And I have to say I agree, but every now and then you second guess.... I am sticking to my guns on pricing.... I use only the best products (le pooch, CC, etc...) and specialize in hand scissoring and hand stripping.... I do not want the low ballers. This time of year when its a little slower after the rush I feel the need to fill those slots, but I know it will come back to bite me! I only have one person who gets a discount from me, she is a monthly client, 3 dogs, MY FRIEND, and she refers lots of people to me.... and she never tells people what she pays! She says she doesnt want me raising her price

                            * Chuck, can't wait to meet you in Pasadena... and get my groomers helper! It's on my " I NEED it list"