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  • mobile paperwork?

    On a daily basis, does anyone have paperwork they give their clients? A health report card, receipt with listed charges, their next appointment, newsletter? Or do you all just get the instructions, groom their pet, get the check and off you go? I'm just wondering if it's cost effective to keep up with all the options we have.

    As far as client info cards/sheets in general, did you make your own, or did you buy premade?

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    I made my own receipts up on excel, I printed them out and there is plenty of room for me to write notes to the clients on for the one's I groom when no one is home. I just have them on a clip board, and then I hand write the receipt.

    I also have the next grooming appointment on them as well. It works out pretty good for me.


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      I do everything in 123 Pet, and keep it on my PDA. I don't give receipst or report cards. Those take too much time, and time is $$$. If the owner is not home, I leave them a quick note with their next appt.
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        i had invoices made up that include a spot for their next appt and any comments i may have. some ppl i will leave an appt card as well, because some prefer to put them on the frig instead of the invoice. when i have groom-o-grams i leave one or if i come across any good info sometimes i'll make copies and leave one. just depends on how busy i am and the info.


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          I had invoices made at the same place I had my bus cards printed. It's cheaper for me then spending all the $ on paper and ink. I list the trim, price breakdown, next appt, and any client notices. They are 2 copy, so I keep the yellow for doing my accounts at the end of the week.