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  • Looking for a mobile table

    Hello all! I have been trying to find a specific kind of lowers almost to the ground, and has a little plank underneath it that comes out so big dogs can walk across to the tub. I know a lot of mobiles have this, hence why I'm posting here. Does anyone know who the manufacturer is and how I could get ahold of pricing or a website? Will they sell the table individually? I am pretty sure I saw this type of table in the Wag 'n Tails van at the Groom Expo last year. I just don't know how to find it! Any suggestions are welcomed!
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    You're referring to the one that's made exclusively for Wag'N Tails by Ultralift. Here's the URL to the Wag'n Tails website that shows it:


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      Ultra lift makes these.


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        Wag'n Tails has the table in their store. Wow is it spendy though, $2,195. I think when we get a new rig to convert I will just buy a table from petedge & put a little table extender on it.

        In my converted rig right now I have my tub side by side my table. I built my tub so it has a low side & my big dogs just step over. Some of my dogs are eager to get to the table part so I have to watch that but so far after 6 months of working in this conversion of my own I do like it. I would like to be able to walk about my table to this is why I want a shuttle bus to convert.

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          To buy them they are very expensive, if I remember right nearly 2K. I have 2 Wagntails vans and don't even use the walk board system. My large dogs won't walk over them. What I have done is purchased a stairs from PetEdge, not the one that hooks on tub but is free standing. It fits right beside the table and wall. My dogs all just climb right up them and into the tub. I cannot tell you how much easier it is to have the dogs climb stairs vs an agility walk board. I have told Jamie about this but it got no where. Ideally, a tub with a door and a fold up table would work the best. I have never seen that. Good luck.