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  • We're getting hit!

    There was once a groomer named Matt looking for some grooms then up out of the sky came a down pour of winter crude, white crude that is..........snow.........lots of snow. Started today about noon and its still coming down. Just looked out and we are at 6 inches and counting. Not expecting it to stop until noon tomorrow.

    Wouldn't complain, but dang this is TN and already we have had two hard snows that just shut us down around here. I have appointments next week, but if this stuff isn't gone and the roads cleared schools will be closed and I will have to cancel and stay home with the kiddos and reschedule.

    If you live up north brace yourself its going to be a good one for you.

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    I'm in Southern CA and beleive it or not, we do get snow here, but it's never enough to stick. (sigh) We can go about an hour to the mountains and play in it though. Have fun, drink lots of hot cocoa and don't burn your buns in front of the fire.


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      ...They said Californy is the place you ought to be, so they loaded up the truck and they moved to Beverly...Hills, that is.

      : )

      I hate snow unless I go to see it on purpose...glad I live in the desert!


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        Glad it left here, southernersare not supposed to be snowed on! We might melt. lol , hope it clears upquickly for ya, supposed to be in the 40's next week here.
        ~~Everyone is entitled to my opinion!~~


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          had to cancel my day today due to snow!!!! we have 7" and still snowing/sleeting. Not supposed to get out of the 20's today and in the low teens tonight. Tomorrow will be cold too and monday around 30. Tuesday will bring high 30's to low 40's

          GOD HELP US ALL!!!


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            We were supposed to get at least 1-3 inches where I live, but they got it wrong (again) and all we got hit with was lots of cold rain mixed with some sleet and freezing rain. My kids were MAD when they got up this morning and there was no white stuff on the ground.

            I closed today also in anticipation of the white stuff. Hmmmmm wonder I can sue News Channel 7 for loss of

            Even with all of their high-tech doppler radar stuff they STILL can't accurately predict the weather. I actually find that kind of comforting for some reason.......shrug......
            SheilaB from SC


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              Located in upstate sc & woke up to "some" snow on the ground. The air is cold and the ground is warm enough to slightly melt the snow. So with the temps dropping, we are experiencing icy roads. I grew up in Chicagoland area & this town shuts down because of the fear of what might happen (snow), still makes me chuckle ! My client with two cockers already told me she will not be able to make appt. if this weather were to hit. She lives on Paris mountain. Even though my street is passable, hers are not. So, I would rather she, sassy & molly stay safe at home, than risk coming out. I would be lying if I didn't say that I need their income, but I rebooked them for next friday instead.


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                I don't mind snow, but I just can't deal with all this dang ice! The roads around my house are a solid sheet of ice. The Highway patrol was on the news early this am, asking people to please stay off the roads. I called work & told them I wasn't goona try to make the 15 miles to work. The store clerk who is "Miss Know It All" told me the roads weren't too bad, my reply to her was I'm listening to the HP,, not you,,lol! There was a link on the news web site, the HP was already working 27 accidents before 9 am. I called later to see if the other groomer made it, as we have two dogs in boarding who need a bath by Sunday afternoon. Nobody answered,,,so glad I didn't try and make it in, just to have to turn around and come back home. BIG EVIL GRIN<<<LOL. Hopefully it will warm up tomorrow and melt all this mess. I had to go out and hack a path in the ice on the patio for the dogs to go potty, the little one was fine, but my older dog was having a hard time trying to walk on the ice. He looked like a old man who had lost his walking cane,,
                Sighs, another nasty day,, no money for me,,,,will be so glad when spring gets here!


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                  I was lucky enough that the snow missed me in southern Ohio. Sorry Tennessee and North Carolina, but at least now you know what it feels like to live in Ohio.


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                    Final Total

                    8" on the ground this morning. Went out today and none of the roads were being cleared in our small town.

                    We went down to Nashville tonight and took my girls to their first Hockey game. The Preds broke their 4 game loosing streak beating the Atl. Thrashers by 1 point. It was a great game and they loved it. We spent all morning making up signs to take to the game. My girls got to see themselves on Camera on the overhead Megatron screen late in the third period. Before the game we went to the hard rock and ate. Had a great time.

                    The roads were **** tho, even in nashville I65 an I 40 were not plowed and the exit and on ramps were still covered.Probably due to the budget short falls they are not paying overtime to have the roads cleared.


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                      We drove to Nashville Friday. Figures..... I leave WI and take the weather with me. That's just my luck. The roads were horrific and the last hour on the road was downright scary. I saw more accidents in that one hour then I've seen in an entire winter here in WI. By Saturday morning pretty much everything was shut down. We were told the mall was open so we went there - which was NOT a fun trip since none of the roads were plowed. The exits were horrible and I spent most of the time in the van with my eyes closed, my foot on my imaginary break pedal and my hands clutched to the seat. Get to the mall and yep, it's open. Too bad most of the stores INSIDE were closed. **eyeroll**

                      We did get a kick out of the hotel dudes sweeping the snow off the sidewalk with a broom though. I guess snow shovels are not high on the priority list in an area that seldom sees snow It really IS an eye opener though. I use to crack up when I would hear people freaking out about a couple inches of snow, but now I realize what a mess it really is for people who are not use to it.

                      Unfortunately, Country Thunder execs were unable to make my husbands show at Cadillac Ranch Saturday night... which is why we made the trip to begin with. But they did get asked to come back for fan fair week for a 45 minute showcase. I hope the weather cooperates this time

                      Drive safe folks. And remember.... it's the OTHER idiots on the road you have to worry the most about. Especially there, where there are so many tourist. If you see northern plates, stay FAR away from them. They assume their 4 wheel drives can get through anything, but they forget that the roads are not prepared for that white **** like they are "back home". It's like sharing the road with somebody who just drank a 5th of taquila.