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Woo hoo; they are coming in bunches

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  • Woo hoo; they are coming in bunches

    I got a call from an apartment complex wanting me to come; they have 5 grooms booked for me; I can plug in at the office, and not move all morning. Loveit.
    If it works out well, they want me to come once a month; says they have a ton of dogs there needing grooming.

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    Wow that is awesome. The calls slowed down a little mid Jan for about a week & now they are picking back up for me. I have 2 poms & 2 Tibetan Terriers tomorrow same house. Then tonight I just books a husky mix (vet said wolf, not going to think about that part). I tried to refer that one to a groomer with a bigger rig but in my search to find my mobile list she decided she liked me & wants to help me with him even if I have to groom him in her house Told her I will give it a try but if I can't do a good job on him then I will refer to the people I was thinking about.

    The Soapy Puppy


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      That sure makes the heart smile! Imagine how happy the owners will be. Step out the front door (Gawd...I sound like a Counting Crows song...) and have the groomer right there!
      Which begs the question...if you plug in and stay put....are you still really "mobile"?
      Well, we won't worry about that until you are a permanent fixture there.....
      Good job!
      Often it's not what you say, but how you say it.


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        Thats Awesome. Congrats.


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          Okay..... Repeat after me: I will not offer a multi-dog discount. I will not offer a multi-dog discount. I will not offer a multi-dog discount.

          I am Elmer J. Fudd, Millionare. I own a mansion and a yaght. (for those of you who watch Looney Tunes, you'll understand)


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              Good for you ! May your mobile be full of puppy dog hair !!!!