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Oster Dremel Not dead after all!

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  • Oster Dremel Not dead after all!

    hahaha, for months I have wanted one like the one I thought was dead. I even bought three others and returned two. It has that big ol box plug that covers both outlets. It had tripped the GFI and Iassumed it was just dead. DUH. Well I just decided to dig it out of my junk box ( don't know why I keep some of it) I plugged it in and it had resurected! Yippeeeee, I don't think they make them anymore. It doesn't have a cap and the cap on the new one doesn't fit, but it grinds a nail quickly and much better than the slow Peticure one. So when it loks dead....try the GFI button that may have tripped. OK, your'e smarter than me, and know that.