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    Need some help for those of you mobile.

    My ears are killing me by late afternoon from the dryers. I have a Grizzly and metro and am wondering if there is anyway to build a sound dampening box around them. I realize they need good air flow to operate properly but there must be some way to save my ears. My trailer situation is such that I don't have a separate area to move them completely. The metro is a stand that I move from tub to table. I need to hear if someone knocks on the door or if the phone rings (never can).

    I have tried plugs for my ears and had 2 ear infections. I tried the over the head ear plugs but they kept falling off and I couldn't hear anything at all.

    I thought I saw a site that sold sound dampening boxes but can't remember where. I know a good carpenter I can barter with if any of you have built such an item.


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    Ear muffs. I use the basic red ones but they do make an ear muff that has a radio in it. I've only seen that at Lowes Hardware. Too much noise through out the day would make me grumpy at the end of the day, by using the ear muffs I have noticed a big difference in my mood. Also most of my client dogs (my dogs too) wear a happy hoodie till the very end of drying. I do have a few dogs that don't like the hoodie so I can't use one on them but most are fine with it.

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      I use ear plugs that people use when shooting guns. You MUST wear ear protection. Putting your dryers in a sound proof box is not enough. The air that you're drying the dogs with is loud too. I also put cotton in the dogs' ears then wrap their head in a hand towel. Sally's Beauty carries salon towels that are the right size for this. I fold the towels in half long ways so it's double. Then I secure the towels on the dogs' heads with plastic clamps. (or you can get a Happy Hoodie sold at Ryan's, ect.) You can get these(plastic clamps) at Sally's or the dollar store. If you have dogs that you think are naughty during drying, they're not. They just can't stand the sound of the dryer. Over time, not using ear protection WILL damage your ears and the dogs. Not 'if,' when.
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        I relocated my vac to the back of my trailer behind the tub wall. That cut down the noise significantly. I posted how I did mine on here. Search trailer mods as the forum name. You could move your dryer there as well and you would need to re wire you dryer to a two speed or single on off switch depending on its needs. I use a foot switch to remotely turn on my shop vac that is mounted on the floor. If your dryer is a single speed then you could use it on that. You can get one for $13 at harbor freight. Its good enough for 15 amps. If you need more amps you will have to order a more expensive one from online. Lastly you will need to have a cut out made in you wall to run the hose through and enough hose to still do your drying. You can get a longer hose from most dryer companies.


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          yes, there are actually directions I've seen on another site on how to modify a cooler to make your dryer much quieter. Air flow is taken into account, I don't have the directions myself, but if you're interested PM me.
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            Yea I can tell

            that you will definitely lose your hearing. My ears can be ringing on some days like I just went to a concert. I went to my Lowes ... no ear muffs. They laughed and told me to try Burlington Coat Factory. I'm not sure if its because its So. Cal or if they didn't understand me but I'm gonna try online next.

            The earplugs that go in the ears for shooting are the ones that caused my ear infections. I really want to hear because I like talking to the other gal but if we are wearing ear protection that pretty much takes care of that. So deadening the sound would be so much better. Maybe I just need to have a wall built but what about when I fluff dry ... that is horribly loud. Or do I just really need a new dryer??

            Celebpet, I will look up the site w/your mobile mods as well. I know they make a special helmet for motorcycles where you can chat w/each other ... maybe I should hit the harley store??

            Yes, and thank you for the reminder about the dogs. I don't always use my happy hoodie and I really should. It takes so long to dry ears I figure the more air the better but I wasn't thinking about the pooches hearing.


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              go to Walmart to the counter where they sell ammunition for hunting. They have 'ear muffs' there to protect your hearing when you shoot. That's what the poster meant by "ear muffs."


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                Ear Defenders

                I agree, after listening to the HV dryer my attitude goes down fast! My husband is in the Air Force and years ago he brought me a pair of ear defenders home from work. They use them out on the flight line when working around jet engines. They are basically ear muffs. I can hear the phone ringing and also have heard the door bell ring when a client has come to pick up their dog. It really cuts the noise of the air rushing out of my HV. My HV dryer is not that loud. It's the air exiting the hose that is so loud. I have tried the foamy ear plugs, but they make my ears itch and then they also end up falling out. I just don't like them. However, I love the ear defenders!
                I've never heard of the Happy Hoodie....but I'm ordering 4 of them today! I usually put cotton in the dog's ears. But, they usually shake it out.