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  • Got Bitten today!

    This morning I had an appointment to groom a Chi Hua Hua and a Boston Terrier for this new client. When I arrived at the house the Chi Hua Hua and a Pug came out the greet me. The owner told me to do the Chi Hua Hua first but I asked to see the BT. So in came a skittish BT and an Eng Bull Dog. The Pug and the Bull dog are her daughter's dog. The BT wouldn't come out to greet me. Before she let her out the owner was reading my consent form and asked me what if her dog had a problem ( I should have know that was a sign). I told her I had to see, I might have to use a collar since I couldn't muzzle her or I would stop if she fought too much. Anyhow, I was ready for the Chi, the owner handed her to me and I had the dog in my arm almost out of the door. All of a sudden I had a commotion, the other 3 dogs were fighting and then I felt a pain on my calf. I looked down and saw the BT's mouth was on my calf. I was shocked. I have never been bitten before. Never expect to get bitten from the behind. The owner felt bad. She didn't bitten through my jeans but it broke my skin and my calf was swolen so I decided to go to the prompt care. The dog had rabie shot, I called her vet right away to check. The doctor gave me anti biotic to prevent the infection, and I went back to my last appoinment. The dog was reported to the Health Dept by the doctor's office right away and they already contacted the owner. I told the owner she would have to pay the bill for her 2 dogs, plus my co-pay for the dr visit and the medicine. She is going to pay me cash tomorrow. I think this is fair, isn't it? What do you think? The dog had to see the vet right away and had to go back in 10 days and in the meantime, she can't see anyone she doesn't know. The owner also contacted the trainer to come help her. Had this ever happened to anyone? I wasn't prepare to be bitten this way. I think there were too many dogs all at once and I was in their way. The BT probably was protected of her buddy. The owner at least should have told me right away that this dog had a problem. She kind of said that she had an issue with the guy who installed their new floor. She thought the dog only had issue with men. This give me a lesson that have to be more careful next time.

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    Wow that really is weird! I would have put money on the Chihuahua being the biter. That dog must have some sort of problem/issue, because that's not normal Boston behavior in my experience. Normally they are like mini boxers kind of...sweet, hyper and a little on the goofy/dumb side. (I'm not being mean, I have a ya Earl!)

    I hope your leg heals quick. It will probably hurt the most tomorrow (dog bites always seem to hurt more the next day). But hang in there and at least it wasn't on a hand(don't want to injure the money makers).


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      Hope you are feeling better quickly.
      I am ipressed the owner is getting help from a trainer. I'm certain this is long time behavior. The lady knew she had a biter, yet still made the dog an appointment, what are these people thinking putting us in danger? I was bitten in the front of the calf when checking in an American Eskimoe years ago. It was a bloody mess ripped my pants, and I wasn't even reaching for the dog or anything, and he was on the leash. Then the guy acted surprised that I wasn't wlling to groom the dog. Hello, that's a furry alligator!


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        Dog bite owie

        I hope by now you are feeling a little better. What a day!! You did all of the right things in handling this, I hope the owner isn't slow is paying you. Glad they have contacted a trainer.
        This may have been caused by too much excitement, too many dogs and a nervous B.T.

        For the future, you will probably have the owners have any other dogs waiting in another room rather than jumping around your legs. At the very least one could slip out the door and be running the neighborhood!

        I was also suprised to hear the B.T. did the biting, I'd have thought it would've been the Chih. that was the last time I got the face!



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          That is horrible and yes its gonna hurt for awhile. I am so sorry ... what a day. I have been bit from behind as well. Dog was fine when I was facing him and when I turned to leave, ran up and bit the back of my thigh. Very painful. But it was a JRT ... I musta looked like lunch.

          Aleve always helps me ..... hope tomorrow is makes up for today!!!


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            Boston's aren't all sweet. My first yr grooming I watched my boss fitting a reg collar on a big boston & he went nuts into her hands, owner holding his leash. Man did she bleed. I really had thought boston's had a short enough jaw they couldn't do much damage, boy did that change my mind. That was 11 yrs ago. I now have a boston in my mobile that if the owner, older lady, is holding the leash the dog will try to jump & bite my hands. Big boston. If I take the leash right away the dog is fine. When I first met the dog I wasn't sure I could do her but for grooming the only issue is ears, she will bite. I have a pug muzzle that works great for these faces & I keep it on for nails too, she can be iffy for those but not snappy just mouthy for those.

            The Soapy Puppy
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              Ooooh, You Poor Thing!

              I thought you were going to say the English Bull bit you. Good for you getting cash! Make sure you get paid. Hope you feel better!


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                Ive been bitten by a boston too...they can be unpredictable.


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                  I am getting ready to "fire" a client with an old really mean dog. My two groomers both have groomed this mean thing and both have been bitten at but they have been fast enough to get away. Keep in mind this dog has a history and the older he gets the worse he gets. The owner has even been bitten many times. I am amazed that owners think it doesn't matter that we get bit. I cannot afford a workers comp. claim or down time with my groomers. I am sorry to have do it but there are just some things we need to walk away from. Hope you are feeling better. And I am sure this will happen again because the owner of the Boston will go into denial. Stay safe to all.