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Help!! Electrical problem!

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  • Help!! Electrical problem!

    Hi guys! I have a major problem! I have an ultimate groomobile and I overloaded one of the plugs and burnt it out with a heater. I went to replace that plug yesterday and the wires in the switch next to it pulled out and I didn't notice. Now I don't know where they go. I tried putting back on switch but its not right cuz now the breakers are kicking off. So I have no lights or plugs to use and I'm out of commission until I can fix it. Does anyone have a wiring schematic for these vans? Or know anything about them to help with this?? Its the plug and switch on the drivers side that is tied into the dryer switches. I'll be here searching for an answer.... Thanks!

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    Sorry this happened! I don't know anything about the vans, but I did go to the Ultimate Groomobile site and got their phone # for you. I am sure if you call them, they can probably walk you thru it. 1-888-826-5845

    Hopefully this helps and you can get everything done and back on the road.


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      Hubby chimes in:

      You will have three wires in a bundle that leads to the power receptacle. On one side of the power receptacle, the screws are gold colored. Connect the wire that is covered with black insulation to that side. Nothing should be connected to that side other than a wire with black insulation, if there are two black wires, it is probably because the receptacle feeds others down the line.

      On the opposite side of the receptacle, you will see screws that are silver colored. Connect any white wires to this side. Connect nothing but white wires to these terminals. If there is more than one white wire, it is because it feeds other receptacles down the line

      Last, you should have a bare wire left. There should be a single terminal at the bottom of the receptacle with a green color on it. This is your ground. Connect any wires without insulation there.

      What has probably happened is that the white and black wires are connected to the same side of the receptacle, causing a short circuit and tripping the breaker. Check to see if you have done this accidentally.

      If that doesn't solve your problem, a call to Ultimate Groommobiles is in order.

      Good luck to you from Richard.
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        Thanks guys! I did end up calling Bruce at Ultimate and he faxed me a sketch. I have enough things working right now to at least function, but its still not right.