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  • 6 dog question

    After reading the thread on the 6 dogs and thinking OMG, 6 dogs...I said "hey, wait a minute...I have a client with 6 dogs". Anyway, I just did those dogs Friday. they are all bath only dogs, two about 40 lbs with shepherd like coats the rest beagle like hair from about 30 lbs down to 15. Anyway, I get all 6 done in 3 hours.

    How would you all charge for this? I kind of do a mix between a per dog and per hour fee. I mean, i crank them all out in 3 hours but I put a lot of work into it, so I feel gyped if I charge an hourly rate. Yet it seems unfair to charge my usual per dog fee when on most days I don't even groom 6 dogs...much less groom them in 3 hours.

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    fur, I feel the same way sometimes. I have a 3 dog house with mix breed dogs who get bath, nails, ears only. They are all easy to do, no troubles, all under 45 pounds. They take me a total of 1.5 hours, maybe less. I felt guilty asking for my per dog fee. So I gave them an hourly rate, a little over half of what it would've been for them if I charged per dog. I walk away feeling like I made good money and I enjoy them. If you feel ok with the money, don't worry about it. But if you feel you need more for extra effort, than just increase them a little more.

    I don't think there is any real answer with this situation except to do what you feel is right. When we are working out our prices, I think we just have to make sure we are getting what we want per hour atleast.

    I had a lady call me for a quote on 4 bichons. So I gave her my bichon price and I didn't drop it at all because if I did, I just knew I would regret it. She only wanted them done every 6 weeks and liked them left as long as possible. Claimed she brushed every day, but we've heard that before. I just didn't feel like dogs with haircuts deserve a break because of being a multiple dog home, because I just know it would still be alot of scissoring involved.


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      I charge my per dog rate; however, if I find that it's still on the high side, I increase my "multiple dog discount" (usually 10%) to 20%.


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        I will discount for multiple dogs, if they are small, short haired and easy to do. I feel that if I can do a dog in 20 - 30 mins, I should break the price if there is more than 1. For instance, let's say I charge $65 for the sheperd types of that size, and $55 for the others because $55 is my minimum per pet. I would probably knock the little guys that take 20 - 30 mins down to $35 each and keep the others the same. They only get this break if I do all at once. If I am doing just one lil' guy, the price is the regular fee....did that make sense? I still walk away feeling like I made good money, without driving all over god's creation, so I give em a break. So, let's say I make $270...even if it takes 5 hours, that's $54 an hour...not bad, especially for easy, no clip dogs. When it comes to more difficult dogs and haircut dogs, I just don't like to discount because the work is just the same for each. (I have broken my rules in some situations when I am helping to treat skin conditions that require frequent baths on a temporary, weekly for 6 weeks.)


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          It would depend on how long it takes you

          If you are grooming 6 standard poodles, then no-way-no-how would I give a discount. However, I have a client with 6 dogs and give about a 10% discount or so since they take me just about 5 hours. HOWEVER, this person had a full day booked with me for her six dogs and cancelled just a few days prior. I only require 48 hour notice but I gave it some thought and called her back and let her know I was no longer able to groom the dogs. I feel like it's too many eggs in one basket, as well as tempting to not take my "driving break" between groomings. Little do we realize just how important this break is - lets our muscles relax and gets us off of our feet! Maybe it was dumb to "fire" this client but I will replace those dogs with others.


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            I give a multi-pet discount of 5% on 3 or more. I have 3 basset hounds in one place and it takes me 1 1/2 hours to do all three. I charge the full dog price minus the 5% and the client is thrilled. They see the value in just getting those honking nails trimed.


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              Marcey, i don't blame you. I couldn't groom anywhere for 5 hours straight. I would be dead. Three hours is pushing it.


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                I think if you did groom for that many hours at one house, you really need to give yourself a lunch break. Drive somewhere and have some time to wind down!