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HELP hydraulic table is stuck

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  • HELP hydraulic table is stuck

    My hydraulic table is stuck and will not go up. It also will not rotate. It is a foot peddle type the name brand is du-zee. I bought it used. Does any one know how to fix it. I can not find a place to put fluid in it.

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    I had this same problem when I first got got stuck and I thought I had broken it.. within 3 minutes!!
    My hubby took the hydraulic off and readjusted it,basically. Hopefully thats all that you need done.Good luck!


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      I have a Du-Zee electric table and their hydraulic tub, bought in 1998. Unfortunately, 3 months after I purchased them at Groom Expo, the owner of the company, Bill Ferris, from Kent, Ohio, died unexpectedly. As far as I know, no one picked up the company, so you will not be able to contact the manufacture.

      My electric table has not had one drop of oil, nor has the tub…..and you are right, no place to oil. I would have a mechanic take off the table top, and then systematically dive into the hydraulics.

      Happily Loving my Du-Zee Table and Tub

      Dolly’s Barking Bubbles, LLC


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        Is there any oil on the floor under it? Has the fluid leaked out? I had to put more fluid in mine, they told me transmission fluid was ok. The hole to put the oil in was very small and somewhat hard to find. I had to use a plastic syringe to get the oil in!