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Generator Power Surges??

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  • Generator Power Surges??

    My generator has been down the past two weeks due to a broken ignition switch. Part took almost a week and haft to come in. I though I was going to pull my hair out waiting on it. It arrives and I'm back in business or so I thought. I scheduled several grooms that had been waiting for me to gen my gene fixed. So my first appt was fairly uneventful. Just a regular bath and brush. Next appt I get started and my lights are flickering, my dryer and clipper is revving up, my radio turns off and won't come back on, heater keeps going on/off. At this point in time I'm just trying to hurry and get done (not so easy with a nervous cocker that doesn't want its feet/legs done). I'm almost done and start to finish drying her ears-just a little damp when my dryer starts smoking and sounds horrible. Mind you the generator sounds like it is running fine. After I had my mini meltdown and finish the dog I notice my meter on my generator is bumping up and down slightly. My manual does not talk about any type of power surges. It is a 6500 watt diesel by All Power America (got from Northern Tool) So I cancel my last appt since I don't know whats going to tear up, blow up, or catch fire. The surges would come and go. Anyone have this problem before?

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    I recently had a voltage regulator go out on mine. I found a generator guy that diagnosed it for me. I ran it one day went out the next day and it was just dead. It would run but not put out any power. I pulled the plug panel and had a couple of shorted out wires. Not sure what cause that, but I figure that might have caused the regulator to go out.

    YOu might be starting to experience the same issue. Eventually I'm going to buy a back up generator.


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      You have a control board problem. The voltage regulator circuit has a fault. The generator you mention is actually made in China, you may have some difficulty getting parts for it. Call Northern Tool for advice on where to get it serviced locally.
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