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  • What A Difference A Day Makes!

    24 little hours. Yesterday was sunny and dry. This morn I woke at 3:45AM but alarm was set for 7. We had a big rain storm and I was sitting here on line at PG hearing the wind blowing fiercely and rain pouring. This morn when I let the dogs out I noticed the huge Christmas tree in the yard looked rather close. It was leaning right into the top of the porch roof. I called a gardener I have had before who wants $280 to cut it down and haul away. I know other neighbors who didn't pay that much for bigger trees. When it rains here it floods the streets, and many streets are blocked off. So no grooms today (3 postponed to Sunday)and Friday may not make it either til Monday. I always have Mondays open for things such as this. I hope I can get a better price. I am reminding myself that I don't like people calling checking prices, and yet now I am looking for a good cheap deal. I am hoping my friend can help me cut it down or find me a good man to do it. Mother Nature hasn't been nice lately. High winds and flooding are not a good combo for a mobile rig to be out in.

    I'm going to take a nap.

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    a fifteen foot tree here would cost 600 easy how big is the tree?


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      Yeah, it is stormy here, too! The winds are crazy. I was out driving in my trailer and drivers were getting mad because it felt better to drive 5 under the speed, LOL! Then they were speeding to pass me and would hydroplane in big ol' puddles in the road. If you don't slow down and pay attention you could hydro right into a ditch! I was raised in Oregon, so I feel confident to say that here in Arizona, folks do NOT know how to drive in the rain. Most people just drive the way they normally do, and that is stupid : )


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        hello paws! I am from Az and now live in Wa. you would think people around here would know how to drive in the rain but they don't!! I am just getting started in the mobile grooming business. I have yet to learn what it's like to drive that big honkin van around everyday! But I have always drivin trucks so atleast that is in my favor. My father in law called lastnight saying they were expecting more rain in a 24 hour period than they got all last year!! Good luck out there with all them crazy (and dumb) drivers!


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          Originally posted by Jenneversage64 View Post
          I called a gardener I have had before who wants $280 to cut it down and haul away. I know other neighbors who didn't pay that much for bigger trees.
          If I were you, I'd jump on that price to cut down and haul away a tree that big. My MIL has a huge pine tree in her frint yard and the 'cheapest' quote she got was $1,000.00.

          Stephen: I agree that price would be REALLY fair here too.


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            Friends, it isn't a pine tree it is a Christmas tree

            fur type bushy that the original owner planted after Christmas. The pine tree was bigger and was $200. They leave the actual stump. I called the gut who cut that one down and he is coming for an estimate tomorrow morning. He is quite reasonable. Still, it's a few dog groomings. That is life here; a trade off for worse weather other places. LOL My sig nif other doesn't wanna try. I don't want him to hurt his back. The tree is about as wide as an average love seat and maybe 10-12 ft tall at the tippy top. Its just very bushy, a trunk but not thick branches. You know those kind of Christmas trees. Maybe I'll take a pic for old times sake before the funeral. Pssssst he isn't dead yet. I'm so sentimental, I think it's sad even when a tree has to be euthed.


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              I know we need the rain, but Im soooo sick of this weather. We've gotten 11" of rain in the last 24 hours. Sustained winds of 60 mph with gusts up to 100 mph yesterday brought the entire city of Chico to its knees. 19 power poles down (several of which still have not been repaired), live lines all over the place, fences destroyed, trees everywhere, NOBODY had power (ours was out for 15 hours), flooding & mudslides.

              My cast iron patio furniture was picked up and hurled clear across the yard, the propane bbq fell over, none of the cats wanted to go outside to potty (back to the litter boxes) and Wyatt, aka Braveheart, spent the day cowering in the closet. Sigh.

              So last nite, DH and I decided we didnt want to try to cook dinner on a camp stove and chose to drive across town to a mexican restaurant that has its own generator. Apparently everyone else had the same idea. Took us an hour to get seated and another hour to eat. On the way home, two trees had fallen across the power lines at the entrance to our street. The tree guys, PG&E, cops, and firefighters were all parked in front of our street, effectively blocking us from returning home. We drove 2 blocks, intent on turning around and parking across the street. Without warning and for no good reason at all, the car just up and died and refused to start again. So we had to walk 2 blocks back in the pouring rain and wind, my DH grumbling and getting pissier by the second. Came home to a dark house, a scared dog, and needy, anxious cats. The power came on sometime after I went to bed.

              I tell ya, summer cant come soon enough for me.
              Guard well within yourself that treasure, kindness. Know how to give without hesitation, how to lose without regret, how to acquire without meanness.
              George Sand (1804 - 1876)