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Mobiles in Chapel Hill, NC???

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  • Mobiles in Chapel Hill, NC???

    Help! I'm in Raleigh & I've allowed someone to talk me into going all the way out to Chapel Hill. I know, dumb move, but, I'm a sucker for begging & pleading. I've been traveling out there for over a year now & each time I just hate that drive & the way it messes up my schedule.

    Anyway, it's hard finding one for that area on Google. So, you are out there Chapel Hill Groomer?

    They are 2 easy basic sized labs for a bath, plus every other groom her neighbor also gets her lab groomed.

    If you are out there, please contact me!


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    Call Pampered paws she changed to pretty much only chapel hill and Durham.

    That's one heck of a long drive girl!


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      Are you talking about June w/ Pampered Paws? I wondered where she went as I have not seen her van around Garner in a long time. She's a good groomer and a super nice person!


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        Thanks! I'll try contacting her. Boy, if anyone wants to go mobile in the Chapel Hill area, they ought to do pretty good! There doesn't seem to be as many there as in Raleigh.

        Maybe June figured that one out! Ha!

        Yes, Downtown; it is one HECK of a drive! Ugh!


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          Sorry my computers been down. Its Kim with My pampered paws and I think June is still out there in garner with pampered paws. I thought they were the same company for the longest time but just similar names.