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  • Trailer Mods Finally Done

    It finally warmed up enough this week and since I didn't have anything booked the first part of this week I decided to make some changes inside my trailer. I purchased it used and have been wanting to change some things around to suit my needs and so far I am loving the changes.

    In an earlier thread a couple people had asked me about the Hanvey upgrade kit that allows you to use your shop vac as a clipper vac system. I have been using it for some time and it works perfect, however I wanted to remote mount my shop vac in the rear holding tank area to free up some floor space and to move the noise out of the grooming area. Here is how I did it. You can look at the attached photos.

    I made a platform in the rear, took the wheels off the shop tank and secured it to the platform with screws and wing nuts on the bottom so in the future I can take it out and clean it. I don't have to take it out to remove the hair. Just disconnect the hard line leading into the inlet and remove the top like you would normally.

    The inlet on my shop vac was 1.5" so I used a 1.5" PVC pipe coupling, it fits just right. From there it leads into 1.5" PVC pipe, makes a 90 degree and goes up the back wall. At the top it makes a 90 degree turn and follows along the inside top wall and ends with a 1.5" to 1" sealing coupling. I took a 1" 90 degree drain pipe designed to fit the seal coupling and cut the end off removing the 90 degree section.

    I then took the flexible shop vac hose and removed the reducer end that would normally plug into the 1.5" inlet opening on the shop vac and used a 1.25" hose clamp to secure it to the 1" drain pipe piece where I cut off the 90 degree end.

    I can now attach all of shop vac accessories onto the normal end of shop vac hose plus use my Hanvey upgrade it.

    Since the unit is now mounted in the rear I needed to remote turn on my shop vac. To do that I use a on/off foot switch. I got the foot switch at Harbor Freight for $13 bucks. Its mounted on the floor below the grooming table.

    Cost of the whole project was about $30 bucks since I used some scrap lumber I had stashed away. The only thing I had to buy was the switch, plumbing pieces, pipe brackets, wall hangers, and self taping screws.

    One note I did not glue the pipes together since I wanted to be able to take it apart to clean it from time to time or if it became clogged. So to get a slug fit at all the fittings I put a single wrap of electrical tape and firmly pressed it all together.
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    Curtis Hanvey is gonna put a price on your head.
    "We are all ignorant--we merely have different areas of specialization."~Anonymous
    People, PLEASE..It's ONLY a website!~Me


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      Nice. I love working on my trailer : ) That is how I put a bladeholder inside a plastic pencil box, mounted it on the wall and made a blade holder that keeps hair and **** out. Today I couldn't get my old sprayer off to replace, so I took thick bow ribbon, used an eyelet screw and created a little lever that I twisted until it was tight enough to grip the hose end and twist off the stuck sprayer. I think it is so much fun to make ways to make stuff work and to make it look nice to boot! Us mobilers have to learn how to fix stuff, we can't just ship Curtis to our house everytime something breaks! (But, that WOULD be handy! Imagine, miniature Curtis clones. Free clone with every mobile purchase...)


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        My hubby is like you. He is soooooo handy. He can build, modify or fix just about anything.
        You are blessed to have these skills. Thanks for sharing!


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          I had 11 dogs between Thursday and Friday on my new setup. Works awesome. More mods to come, but mostly on the storage side of things. Going to use some of my former six sigma training to get things the way I want them. Can't wait. I'll share as things progress. I think I have come up with some other ideas for creative storage solutions. Everyone on here is great and thanks for sharing your comments and ideas.