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Question for those who are handy (ask your hubby's...)

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  • Question for those who are handy (ask your hubby's...)

    So I purchased a Paw Bros brand tub from Ryans that was on sale as it was a floor model. The frame is poor for a mobile that moves and bumps around. If possible, I am going to build a frame out of composite to slide the tub portion into. I need to re-caulk the seams, which is simple, but the surface is getting chipped as it was painted with a thin coat of paint. What kind of paint would work to roll on the inner surface of this tub that will be water proof and not chip away? It needs to stand up to dog shampoo and water. (I will have it Rhino Lined as a last resort, as I was quoted $300 which is more than the tub cost!)

    My trailer is perfectly good, but I am choosing to remodel a few things because I miss how pretty it looked when it was new...

    Thanks for any advice!

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    Go to your local big box lumber/hardware store and go to the paint department. You will find they sell appliance touch up paint. Find a shade close to the color of your tub to touch up the chips. You can also get some waterproof non-skid tub strips and cover the chips up with a long strip.

    If the composite you are talking about is composite plywood, don't do it. It won't last long. Better to get a welder to make you a custom frame out of steel or aluminum and be done with it once and for all.

    So says my husband. I asked him.

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      I would have to see a photo of the tub to tell you how I would do the base/insert. As far as the tub goes if you can find a local shop that does powder coating it will withstand anything and most likely will never rust or ship again. Might cost you a 100 bucks since they will have to bead blast the old finish off of the steel. The nice thing is they can powdercoat it in any color imaginable. You could have a pink tub if you heart desires!

      As far as the base goes if all you need is a sturdy stand for it to sit on you could build it out of steel plumbing pieces and use threaded floor flanges to secure it to the floor of your mobile. If you go this route, build it first and then have the whole thing powder coated at one time. You could build a simple "H" Style frame with flanges on the top part and screw the tub to; flanges on the bottom to secure it to the floor. It would require you drilling through the tub to attach it to the flanges and you would have to make sure they are sealed other wise just weld the flanges to the tub first.

      I have wood around my tub insert, but you have to make sure you prime it and seal it with a good paint and caulk any areas that need to be sealed.


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        It sounds like you want an enamel based paint. They sell a spray paint for tubs and sinks :-) to make them look new again.

        Also, they sell spray on rhino coating at Lowes and Home depot now.


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          Powder Coating

          Yes, I agree ... powder coat. My tub was powder coated and last 5 years before my rack rubbed it right off and it started to rust. Then the county inspector wrote me up for the rust even tho I had sanded and painted over it -- some rust was showing thru. So I took it to an auto parts shop and they re coated the tub for $50. It looks brand new -- so beautiful. I make sure I have a rubber mat under my rack that the dogs stand on so there won't be anymore rubbing off of paint. Just a bummer washing those matts all the time because they get gross and hair laden looking like something from a garbage disposal. Ugh.


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            Wow, thank you everyone for the tips : ) I think I would probably bolt the tub itself, at the waist level with eye hooks the way my old tub had. Right now it is just bungeed in...eek. The powder coating is a great idea! Can I build a frame that looks like a Harley??? (Hee hee hee). Good tips too, to avoid the rubbing off. I'm bummed about the composite. I was thinking that if a deck could be made from it and withstand constant rain, that it would do ok???

            Keep in comin'!


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              If you're talking about composite like the brand name "Trex" (or it might be Trek), then it should work. Just really reinforce all of your joint type areas.