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Onan gene brushes replaced 5x in 400 hours

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  • Onan gene brushes replaced 5x in 400 hours

    Ok, I just wanted to ask all you Onan owners if you are having any problems with the brushes?

    I bought my new generator in August 09, and have had repeated problems with my brushes wearing down. According to manual they are supposed to last about 2000 hours and are a normal wear and tear part. Well today I had them replaced for the 5th time at only 400 hours. I am writing letter now to Onan in a formal manner requesting a new generator. I think I have a lemon.

    my service company has not charged me anything for the repairs because they are all under warranty. At first, they said they thought Onan was making an inferior part, but now the tech told me he thinks that this means the generator needs to be pulled apart for further inspection. Well I dont want a generator that needs to be disassembled to investigate why the brushes are wearing down. Tech said he thinks the rotor is causing it. I think the only thing now is to pressure ONAN to replace it because I think its a lemon. i have been so patient through all of this, still tipping my technician lots of money. I think he has been completely honest with me about everything, and the owner is the one dragging his feet over this. He is the one who is being a little bit if a jerk about wanting to figure out what is wrong. I can not afford to run back every 80 to 90 hours to have the brushes replaced, never knowing when they will fail, each time they have failed has been right in the middle of grooming. Its so frustrating. I bought a new one to avoid these problems, because I was dumping so much money into my old one (it lasted to 7000 hours).

    Has anyone ever had to take on ONAN???????

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    Mine are changed about every 2000 as you stated and I have 8000 hours on my gene and seems to be running pretty well, my brushes had to be replaced last week. It sounds like that is not right to have to be changing them out so frequently. I would document it everytime you replace them. My opinion it doesn't sound right. I think you have a LEMON!!


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      lemon laws on equipment???

      I am researching to find out my rights with this. If something is causing the brushes to wear down then there is a major defect in my opinion. I want them to replace it. Does that seem like a reasonable request? I think so. But the owner of my service/sales company doesnt seem to be behind me on this.


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        I had this exact same problem and nobody was any help. I talked to everyone including wagntails, onan of Indiana (the original installer), some onan people in minnesota, the local Cummins Atlantic dealer and finally the CEO of Cummins Atlantic. While some of these people were nicer than others nobody could help me. My generator kept cutting off in record breaking heat which made for a very unpleasant me.I think when I finally talked to the CEO of cummins atlantic (after he was pulled from a meeting) my frustration was evident as he authorized a replacement.
        I will tell you as frustrating as it is the good old boys down at the dealership were convinced that I was just a stupid girl who couldn't possibly understand how to operate a machine. My husband was finally so tired of seeing me so frustrated that he called and dealt with them. They seemed much more receptive to his complaints.


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          did you purchase your wagntails brand new? Or did you replace an old generator?

          I was a second owner of 4 years now, so really wagntails isn't going to help me I think. But the generator I just purchased brand new in August of 09 is covered under warranty.

          cc- I can imagine that was really frustrating for you too.

          I don't know how else to handle this except to start writing letters formally requesting replacement. that's where I am right now with this because Im getting no where with the company who sold it to me.


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            I purchased it used. the lady I got it from and purchased it used from wagntails where it had a new generator installed and when I got it had les than 900 hrs on it. When I took it in for the problem it had never even been put in service by the installer.
            Did a certified Onan dealer install it for you? I think you'll have a hard time with Onan unless it was professionally installed and maintained by a certified dealer. Even if you can get it replaced be aware that you only have the remainder of your warranty from the original.
            I wish you all the best in your attempt to resolve the issues with Onan. I can certainly empathize.


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              Contact the attorney general in your state. They should be able to help you.
              don't find yourself up a creek without a poodle.


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                furry bestjob, I am thinking that will be my next step. i just want a new one, I dont want the one that is on the truck now.

                Before I go any further though I think what I should do is communicate to the dealer that I want a new one I dont want to wait till it fails again, I just want a replacement. If they say no, I will send my letter to Onan, and if no go, then the attorney general.

                does that sound about right????


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                  If you paid by credit card maybe they can help also.