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    I have a friend that is interested in taking over my mobile business we talked last summer she went to grooming school is now finished I am gonna hire her to work with me for a couple of months and gradually let her take ovwer and make payments to me we are working on a contract my ? is how much do i pay her to ride along and learn I mostly do bath dogs over 50 # sso she will be a glorified bather but she is also a qualified groomer any help . I want us both to be happy with the outcome help please

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    Admin may chime in on whether discussing pay would be allowed. I don't think it is, but I am not the admin.

    I would be very careful regarding what you propose to do. Have an attorney draft up a document that protects your interests as well as that of your buyer. Things like who gets title to the vehicle when, who is responsible for payments of registration and insurance, what happens in the event the buyer defaults are all items to consider.

    Just my humble opinion, your mileage may vary.


    Stephen: Discussing theoretical pay is fine in this situation. You raise great issues indeed. Yes, all of things are just as important as pay. Wise businesspeople have done what, considered all the what if's before they happen, and don't expect someone else to. The attorneys write the contract, but they don't know grooming, so it's teamwork, a wise businessperson groomer thinking out all aspects and then paying the attorney to write it up. This is a great help to all to discuss what are the problems. Don't just say NO, and close the book the discussion. Helping others that go ahead, what are the issues? thanks.
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      Thanks for your help i need all the advice i can get so i can make informed choices thanks


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        Will you be able to increase the number of dogs you do in a day/week because of her assistance?

        I ask because I had some seasonal bathing/drying help at Christmas. I too, was in a little quandry about what to pay.
        What I ended up deciding to do...was to give the helper 40% of the revenue that the ADDITIONAL dogs generated. Since it was a temporary thing (Casual Labor) worked out really well for both of us and didn't disrupt my bottom line...only added to it.

        You may want to check into Workman's Comp requirements too...if it's just a temporary situation and she's going to be considered an employee. Might make more sense for her to be an IC...if that's applicable.
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          That is kinda what i was thinking

          I am gonna have to sell my mobile have known this for a year or so my shoulder just wont hold out looking at surgery 2 in 6 months this time its 4 weeks in a sling 12 weeks off i just cant do it and at this point i dont want to go back and ruin it again , so a friend of mine showed interest she worked with me after 1st surgery i think she can do the job so i told her go to grooming school learn all you can then work with me and gradually take over she starts working with me next week i just want to be fair i wasa thinking 40% while helping me and 50% of the dogs she does on her own thenin june she will take over and yes we will consult an attorney to big of a deal to do alone keep it coming thanks


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            40% of what tho? Your income for the day/week? I just think you should make sure that having/helping her...doesn't actually "cost" you in the long run. (I mean until the transfer is I guess that's actually the "short" run. )
            I understand you want to be fair to her...but make sure you are being fair to yourself as well. She'll be learning invaluable information from you, and the opportunity to take over a Mobile bizz that she has been gradually acclimated to...really sounds like a win-win situation.

            Sorry about your shoulder...I hope all goes well w/ the surgery/recuperation.
            Often it's not what you say, but how you say it.


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              I think you should just sell it to her now and then draw up a contract to work for HER. Be done with it. That way, if she chooses to make bad decisions, you still get your $$ for the rig and it is up to her regarding how much training she wants from you. This is what I would do if I were in your shoes.


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                Why not selll it to her and you write into the contract the training portion as part of the price. I do suggest if you do this you set up payments as automatic and binidng til the end of the payment schedule otherwise you might get screwed out of your money. Experience speaks here


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                  we are gonna sit down

                  And discuss this tonight hopefully we can come to an agreement , I hate to lose it all as my days are limited every daY i think am i gonna blow the shoulder today I hate that i cant do what i want to do i guess that is part of aging i hate getting old thanks guys for your advice will keep it close at hand tonight Rhonna