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  • At the supermarket?

    OKay, I had two different households today, four dogs total, finished up at 1 and was headed for home when I decided to stop at the local IGA and put up some fliers and get some groceries. As I got out of the van, a man pulled up and asked if I could cut his dog's nails. Sure, I said, and we hopped into the van; I cut and filed the little chi's nails.How much, said the man, 10, say I, he whipped it out and gave it to me; I gave him a goody bag with my card it. 1 minutes work for 10, good enuf for me.

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    What's even better than that?

    You were in the right place at the right time, you charged him a crazy-sensible fee (vet would have been "make an appt." + office visit chg=50.00 here, plus "nail trim"= $18-24.00, plus a tech to restrain + scared Chi cuz it was at the vets, = a frickin dreaded PRODUCTION.)

    Way to go!
    Often it's not what you say, but how you say it.


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      Any other parking lot grooming stories?

      I got a call this summer from a husband/wife trucker team on there way cross country who's schnauzer needed to be groomed. I met them in a parking lot locally. They told me they are gone from home for long periods of time and have trouble finding groomers who will groom their dog. Well, they got lucky this time! Very cute dog too and I was glad I could help them. They're on my client list and next time they pass through I told them to give me a call.
      A Light exists in Spring, Not present on the Year, At any other period -- When March is scarcely here...~~ Emily Dickensen~~


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        Your lucky

        Alone in your van in a parking lot with a man that comes out of nowhere.
        If he was not your reg. customer you could have been in serious trouble !
        I would not put myself in that situation for $ 10.00 or any amount of money.
        Just because he has a dog does not make him a good person.


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          He was a nice old guy, this is a small town lot and there were people all over; Saturday is grocery day in a small town.
          I have worked out in public and on my own for more than 45 years, I carry myself in a way that lets people know that I am outgoing and no victim. If I were afraid of every stranger I certainly would not be doing mobile; I go to strangers' houses every day; every new client is a stranger. I deal with it.
          I have travelled all over the country by myself, by car and plane, and never worried.


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            Obviously, a person needs to use their common sense when evaluating any situation that has potential for harm. Got a bad feeling about it? Don't do it.
            A Light exists in Spring, Not present on the Year, At any other period -- When March is scarcely here...~~ Emily Dickensen~~


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              Human kindness has never weakened the stamina or softened the fiber of a free people. A nation does not have to be cruel to be tough. ~Franklin D. Roosevelt