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Ideas for Mobile Charity Work?

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  • Ideas for Mobile Charity Work?

    Well, tomorrow I fly out to pick up my new-to-me mobile everyone else who's ever done it, I'm both thrilled and terrified at the same time!
    One of things I am excited about having my own business is that I can finally do some charity work (it was hard organizing it in someone else's shop). It will make me feel good and get me out and about and working in the van, even before I have 'real' customers. I guess the obvious thing would be to volunteer at the Humane Society or Animal Control. I had also thought of trying to hook up with the Meals On Wheels program that also delivers pet food to house bound people and offer grooming to some of those folks. Does anyone else have any ideas or charity work projects that have worked really well for them? Thanks!

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    I too volunteer at my local humane society.....nicest dogs I've ever groomed.....You might want to think about giving a 15% off first groom coupon to any dog that is adopted from the shelter, the coupon could be placed inside the adoption package that goes out with the new owner.

    Happy volunteer grooming

    Dolly's Barking Bubbles, LLC


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      I like helping the rescue groups. The pets are all grouped in foster homes and there is someone there to help you if you want it! It's fun for me to go groom 5 mini schnauzers all at once and she even washes them for me so all I do is trim nails and give haircuts. I guess it just depends. I would say it makes it easier to keep up the donation of your time if you limit it to just a few days a month and keep your work efficient. In other words, try to see if you can groom several at one stop. In the beginning it will be easier to be pro-BONE-o (couldn't help myself) than when you are a busy groomin' fool with clients.

      Great idea, Dolly!
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