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Looks Like I Have Inherited A lot Of New Dogs

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  • Looks Like I Have Inherited A lot Of New Dogs

    There was a groomer who pretty much had an entire 55+ communitys' dogs. She was so extremely cheap that this year I am getting many calls saying she won't return calls and they last saw her in early Nov. Today I got another call, but this lady said she got a letter saying she no longer goes to her area. This is odd, because I am sure , unless she moved, that she lived in the same town, not that far away. I, live closest. BUT she was $25 less than I am! So to be nice, I said $20 more. The people seem ok with my fee. I can see where she could be burned out with prices she was charging.I don't know how I will fit them all in. Everyone liked her, but now they say her letter doesn't sound like her at all. She has disappeared before without any letters. She also was reported to have a new BF. I hope she isn't in danger. Who would know if she is ok? I never met her. Well, once briefly in the same community. I don't want to call her, but what if she is being held against her will, or who knows wha? I could call her, but she never answered me in the past when I invited her to groomer get togethers. What do you think? She also has a troubled son in his 20s. Should we be worried about her? This isn't the first time she has dropped out of sight but the letter is odd, they say.

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    I wouldn't be too nosy. Perhaps a friendly call just checking in to tell her you were wanting to make sure everything is ok and let her do the talking or not. Then let it be. Be thankful that you suddenly have a new group of clients where before you were worried about your business. Take this opportunity and do your best and make each of those people a REGULAR client. Wow them. Show them a good groom and why they will stick with you and not stray. This is a great opportunity : )


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      when I opened my shop in june '06 it was slow. I got a call in october from another groomer( I had worked with her when I got out of school), she was in a car accident and broke her arm, she asked if I would take her clients til she was well. of course I said yes and my first christmas was phenominal. we called each other often so she could give me the clips and any advice about the dogs and clients. I ended up dumping a client for her that she wasnt sure how to get rid of. LOL. anyways, she got back to work and most of her clients went back to her although I did retain a few. several months go by and I start getting calls from her clients again, seems she is not returning calls. I called and left several messages, none returned. I did find out through mutual friends/ clients that she has had alot of tragedy and illness in her family and often drops off the radar for a time, then returns with no explanation. not that I think your personal life is anyones business, but if you have people depending on you, you do owe them some courtesy. how hard is it to change your outgoing message to say you are unable to groom clients at this time and will be unable to return messages. I had several of her clients come in in unusually bad shape because they waited so long to hear from her and finally gave up. I did try to leave her messages to make sure shes okay( she is) but she never returned calls, I also left messages letting her know when some of her clients passed, still no response. I stopped calling.
      we are human, things happen and circumstances change, but we provide a service. embrace these new clients. good luck.


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        I ended up with a whole neighborhood of clients due to a similar situation, except no letter. She just stopped showing up to appointments that had been made and didn't return calls. I know she is still running her business because she did refer a client to me because she lowered her weight limit and this dog was too big.
        Anyway, had it only been one client telling me this I would have been suspicious, but it was about 7 clients that all had the same story. After a few months of grooming in the neighborhood one of my clients told me they saw her back in their neighborhood again!
        Anyway, I inherited some FABULOUS clients. I found out she was charging a flat rate for any dog, any clip, any condition etc and this place, though a 15 minute drive for me, was more like 45 minutes for her. I just charged what I normally charge, and her flate rate was only $5 more than my MINIMUM rate! I mean, one is a 95 pound Airedale for petes sake! She also never charged anyone tax! Not one person has complained about my prices and they have all become very loyal, regular clients.
        If it were me and I was worried about this person (and I'm a worrier) I would call. I worry about everything and everyone anyway. I remember coming to work once and the alarm hadn't been set and the shop was a mess, not the norm for the person who always closed so I immediately called to make sure there hadn't been an emergency. When clients didn't show, my first thought was usually "I hope they are ok" and I would always call just to check!
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          I did call once. I just asked her to call me please

          That I had a few questions. It might help to know what # blade she used on a certain dog. 2 more scheduled for next week, and one lady w/ 2 Bull dogs baths tomorrow. Big, but Dad can lift them into the tub for me. Looks like 2010 will be busy. I am liking that Blue Moon afterall. I do hope she is ok. I don't want to benefit from someones tragedy. She lost a sister to cancer, a client said. She sounds so much like what was described here. tragedies and never a call back. It would be nice if she is ok and just relocated waaay south of here, as indicated. Maybe I read too many Stephen King novels or see those womens' mini movies. I can just see her as a prisoner locked up by some crazed BF. He makes her write a letter.....and .....ohhhhhh I can't go there! I hope she just returns my call.