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I snuck up on them! Tee-Hee

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  • I snuck up on them! Tee-Hee

    I guess I didn't realize how loud my van had gotten since the death of the muffler was a gradual one and i think it was starting before I got it. Yesterday I finally had the muffler and tail pipe replaced. OMG, no huge ROAR when I first start it up, no huge cloud of black stuff pouring out from underneath the van (just at start up it would happen) and I could HEAR the radio CLEARLY! I just thought diesels were louder, I truly had no idea how much louder the van was than it needed to be. So last night after it was fixed I went to my appointment, pulled in, plugged in and knocked at the door and her first comment was "I couldn't hear your van, I almost didn't realize you were here!"
    AND the best part is there is no exhaust coming inside the van anymore. It didn't happen everytime I drove it, but it wasn't pleasant when it did.
    Now, just have to get the heat in the dash fixed. I got done later than expected last night and didn't drop the van off. Shooting for tonight or tomorrow night now.
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    now you have to knock on doors. Good for you.
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      mylady, I'll bet your heat problem is a stuck blend door in your blower. It's a common problem in Fords.

      Glad to hear your van is now runnning in diesel stealth mode.
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