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Owner fell while I was

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  • Owner fell while I was

    grooming her dog Baby in my van in front of her apartment today. She is in a wheelchair. Well she called the amblulance and they came and parked right behind me, went in and helped her back into her wheelchair and left. When I brought Baby back in she told me all about it. I never saw or heard a thing. I'm short so I cant see out the windows of my wagntails. I really must have been into grooming Baby. I asked my client why didn't she call me and I could have helped her up. She just replied " It takes two big guys to get me back up!" Glad she was ok!

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    Wow, glad she was ok. My grandpa use to have to call me when my grandma would fall so that my oldest son and I could go pick her back up. One night he called at 2:00 AM and I had not put gas in my car that night. I never even thought about it because I was going to stop at the little gas station by my house in the morning on the way to work. They did not open till 5AM and the next closest station was too far for me to make it so I called 911. They came and picked her up then my grandma made them breakfast. I felt so bad about not being able to go, but after that my grandpa never called me in the middle of the night again, and the paramedics use to joke when they got hungry about wether or not Mrs. Boggus would fall so they could get some of her good home cooked biscuts n gravy! Several of them got to the point where they would come check on my grandparents if they were in the area. Makes me miss living in a small town again!


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      You were really

      in the Zone. I like that zone, but that was interesting. Also glad she was okay. I was bathing a Bichon when his elderly owner just was walking in the kitchen and splat fell right next to me. I said Oh Shoot only the badder word with 4 letters - no o's and instead an i. She's a prim retired school teacher and she was much more upset that I said the bad word than that she fell. I grabbed sopping dog up, wrapped in a towel and helped her up. Thank God she was okay, just shook up.
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