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  • Come ON!!!

    I just paid $700 to get the dash heater fixed in the grooming van a few months ago and it went out again yesterday. I ran out and bought one of those Mr Buddy heaters I've heard some people talk about, but IDK.. The thing kind of scares me. The dash heater is how I heated the van, I've got lots of appointments scheduled and don't have another $700 to spend on this thing. I'm just so freakin' frustrated!
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    =( Wow if you just had it replaced a few months ago, they should stand by there product!! Be the squeaky wheel, maybe they will do something for you just to shut you up.
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      For that kind of money you could have bought an RV furnace that runs on propane, and it saves wear and tear on the engine because you wouldn't have to run the engine to heat the van. I use an Atwood propane RV furnace, and it will run me out if I set the thermostat too high. It's been cold here in Northwest Florida, getting into the mid-teens at night and not much above 35 in the day.

      If you already have propane on board, that might be a thought. Is this van the same van that has been giving you trouble for awhile? I thought you were getting a newer one.

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        I would

        sure try to get the people who did the work on the dash heater to review it. It may be that it is doing more work than intended?

        I use the Mr. Buddy on really cold evenings here at home. I don't have a heater otherwise. I'm in So. Ca but once in a while it will get below freezing. I feel safe with it. Many people use those in little tents in snow areas. It is set up to shut off if there is a dangerous amount of carbine monoxide.

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          Well thankfully I just got off the phone with my groomer and she said the Mr Heater works fabulously, in fact she had to turn it down. I was so worried she'd be cold.
          I called my mechanic that fixed the dash and they will look at it in a couple days when I can get it to them. I told them to look at it and not to do any work without talking to me, unless free, since the last time they went ahead and fixed it first then told me it would be $700. Very few garages around here will work on a diesel and I am happy with their work the majority of the time. They've pulled my butt out of the fire more than once. Hopefully it's something easy to fix that either won't cost anything or will not cost much if it's a new problem.
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            Well my friend who is building the new mobile for me, I don't think he realized how long it would take LOL. Plus he puts stuff in, then changes his mind on the design, rips it out and redoes it!
            I asked him if it could be ready by March so I could come get it and take it to APF. HOPING it's done by then. Tomorrow I am going to try to have the new muffler put on. She's an old gal, I know, she is now legally old enough to drink, and I knew buying an older unit that I would have to do maintenance, replace parts, etc, but I don't like having to have the same thing fixed twice. I never thought in a million years it would have been that much or I would have told them to hold off at that time, it wasn't really cold yet. Live and learn. Now when I go I say if it's more than $XX call me before you do any work.
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              Just 1 Question.

              Does it have a warranty? Ok, I know it still takes away from grooming time. My stupid fridge freezer door opens now when I open or close the top fridge door. Stays ajar. Warranty but you have to find the # to call and then wait ALLLLL day for someone to come out. Grrrrrrrr. Meantime it messes with my electric bill. No groomie, no money.


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                Yay, I have heat again! Well, heat that blows out LOL. It was the relay, the same part that they had fixed in the fall so that was warrantied and I just have to pay for the labor, which is fine. Just glad to have heat and not have another huge bill to pay!
                What a caterpillar considers the end of his world, we call a butterfly.