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Damp Rid or Dehumidifer

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  • Damp Rid or Dehumidifer

    My fellow mobiler and myself are trying to decide whether to buy those little damp rid canisters (or they now come in a hanging model) for our mobiles to reduce to moisture and hopefully help our blades and scissors out. I know a dehumidifer would do the same thing, but I'm trying to weight out cost, space taken and convienence. Anyone tried them? And if the actual dehumidifer is the better route where is the best place to buy them? We tried the local Walmart and Target to no avail.

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    Damp Rid

    I don't know if this will help you much or not but i use damp rid in my home. I don't change it as often as I should but I am always SHOCKED the bowl is always full to over flowing with water. I keep it in the guest bedrooms as well as the coat closet and office. ( the rooms we use the least in the house)

    I can't say how effective it is though in a large area and if you want something that is going to suck up a ton of water I don't think this would be it.

    I would also imagine that although the initial cost would be less you would be changing your damp rid at least once a week and that would really add up in the long term. We are considering getting a dehumidifier for our home so the damp rid would no longer be nessissary but I can't really see it being that effictive in a mobile.


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      Lowes has them, as does Home Depot, and Dri Eaze makes them as well, specifically for groomers. The downside of Dehumidifiers is tht they put out heat. COuld be a GOOD thing in some ways, but you would not be able to run it all the time...I had one in my grooming shop before that I bought at Big Los and it worked great. We set it to drain directly into the plumbing, not into the collection tank as it was filling up daily, sometimes twice.
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        I love getting answers before I ask a question,good info to have . thanks
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