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  • Who uses a smartphone?

    I'm wondering people's general feeling about having a phone with them in the rig that can get on the internet. Do you feel like it's a necessity for your business and safety or is it more a luxury? I hate being railroaded into spending for more than I need....but if people really think it helps their business, I will look into it more. BTW I already have the customer database and scheduling computerized, so I don't need it for that.....

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    I use an Iphone. With the our fleet of mobiles we mostly use the phones to keep in touch with each other and process our credit cards on the spot. Apple has a mechantone app that is awesome. Our scheduling is done with a program on the internet but requires Flash to view so the iphone doesn't really load it well. I have found it useful when going to a new clients home that's address is not in the GPS(built to recently...etc) since I can run it through the maps app and find it that way.

    Basically very handy but not dire need.


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      I've been using a Palm Treo for years. Last year I picked up a Netbook and when I'm out for long days I like to be able to check my e-mail. My Treo is a few years old and it just never had the oomph to really surf the web, hence the Netbook. The Netbook is also handy for traveling, surfing the Web, etc.

      That said, I am really lusting after a smartphone (those who know me know I have a diagnosed case of technophilia!). Verizon, my carrier, is coming out with a plethora of smartphones over the next month. I am on the fence between the Motorola Droid and the Palm Pre Plus or Palm Pixi Plus. My GPS maps are out of date and I think a smartphone with Google Maps would be a good buy. Also, since my Palm Treo is nearly three years old and showing its age I really have no choice -- I need a new phone and to get the minimal stuff I need it to have the ones out there now also have the extra stuff that is more a want than a need. When I got the Netbook and I purchased my data plan I paid a tad more per month to get the one-year contract because I knew things were changing too fast to go with a two-year.



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        I prefer it, but will your business fail without it? I don't think so.

        You can use another couple of tools for address books, GPS, credit card swipers, camera, and other applications. The nice thing with a smartphone is that it combines all those tools into one sweet, compact package. On top of that, the apps that you can download allow you to customize what works best for your business.


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          I have a Blackberry. I like having the internet on it. I can check email,fb,pg etc while drying dogs in the rig. I can also do all my appt scheduling on it if I want to which I haven't figured all that out yet. I actually find myself at home using the BBerry for internet more than the computer.
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            This is awesome b/c when you are out and about working, you can check your business email for customers who schedule over email. I have quite a few that never call, they always email for their appt.s so its great to be able to reply to them quickly. i love my blackberry and my bill really isn't that much more than it was when i had a razor and no internet. Like 12 dollars a month more. I just took less anytime minutes since they internet needed to be added.


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              Heck no, my phone is so far from smart. It's the most stupid phone I've ever had to date! LOL

              I just wanted to second Meesh's comments. I, too, have a Netbook. I just got it for Christmas. I'm sitting here on the floor of my sister-in-laws workout room, in the peace and quiet, using my Netbook. It's small, it's light, and it does a lot of cool stuff. We got it for about $179 for signing up with QWEST phone/internet services. Steal of a deal!

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                I would like to triple Meesh's comments. That gal always knows what she's talking about. I gotta look into that NetBook. Sounds very tasty.


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                  Smartphone and a notebook with internet

                  Hubby and I have Samsung Blackjack IIs. He wanted iPhones but we don't have 3G service in our area and it wouldn't have made sense to get iPhones without 3G.

                  We get an e-mail notification whenever someone requests an appointment on our web site, when our merchant services account funds our bank, and when someone leaves a voice mail on our toll free line.

                  We also have a Toshiba satellite notebook computer that runs 123Pet and our merchant services terminal software, as well as things like tweeting to Twitter, browsing this board and other sites, and plays back our voice mails.

                  I would recommend a smartphone AND a notebook with wireless internet. For what we would pay in a wireless merchant terminal fee and its associated wireless charges, we can get the whole internet and pay for one of the smartphone's monthly fees.

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                    the netbook did sound good to me too, but i think i will just stick to my old fashioned phone during my busy workday and my laptop at night


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                      Originally posted by louie View Post
                      the netbook did sound good to me too, but i think i will just stick to my old fashioned phone during my busy workday and my laptop at night
                      Louie, I'm with you. I think that's the only way to keep my internet addiction in check. lol


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                        I love my Iphone and have the CC app through Merchant 1.

                        But, I also love my mini laptop from HP- it is 80 gig and I have an air card. But, you can also pick up most wifi from anyone (Borders books, McDonalds and many other companies offer free wifi if you are near them) pull over in the parking lot, sit, and catch up on all your stuff.