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  • Grooming/Business in a Box for mobile groomers

    Hi mobile groomers... I am 97% sure I'm going to go mobile this year...but I'd like to put some plan together so I know for sure I can make a living at it.. The Grooming/Business in a box that is being offered on this site sounds awesome but does it give you information needed if you are going mobile ? I'm looking for something where I can list my costs of insurance/gas/supplies/etc., and what else is involved in being mobile against what I hope to bring in as income. Does that make sense ? Thanks for your help...

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    I don't have their business kit, but I'm sure you can modify their business plan and figure out a road map. I would recommend the "Go Mobile and Succeed" book by royal canine. I would also recommend the book from Problems to profits" Both are well worth the money and you can use information from both of them. The later book is more for salons, but still worth the read.

    Stephen: We provide 7 REAL business plan samples, one is mobile, and 150 pages of easy step by step instructions. You don't modify the provided plans, you create a custom one, but the sample ones help a great deal. I've gotten endorsements from Fortune 500 company CFO's that it is the best service industry business plan software anywhere even over the store bought software because we made it so simple yet professional. Any type of grooming business can use it, as a business plan organizes information, both in text and finance, but remember any business plan is not a how to operate and manage a business, but clearly a road map of goals over a period of years, financially expressed and explained further in text and who is doing what and why that make the figures realistic.

    What is so missing from most homemade plans is CASH FLOW. You can be sure when a plan is required that the financials will have every which way of explaining CASH FLOW. It's everything. Many companies that are actually bankrupt stay alive quite a long time because of CASH FLOW. Many businesspersons don't borrow enough when you look at CASH FLOW. That's why we built in cash flow analysis for absolute beginners, along with breakeven. Everyone that owns a grooming business should know right off the top of their head how many grooming services meet their monthly breakeven, and again, you can do this, for absolute beginners. It's never been easier to write a plan...and I have been asked by some publishing companies to confer on making them for other industries, like I have time.


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      Sounds like what I need... thanks so much...


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        Yes, I have used Grooming in a Box. Best investment we made. It is extremely comprehensive. You will not leave a stone unturned if you use it. I called them a couple of times with questions, great help. Get it, use it, it could potentially save you a lot of money and time.