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  • snowgrooms?

    Last night was a first. I had a potential new client call to ask about pricing. When I gave her the price she told me it was reasonable since it would mean she didn't have to drive in the snow. She told she what her usual groomer charged but that she is having a hard time getting there because she doesn't like to drive if there is any snow on the ground. So she said she was going to call me the next time her dog needed a grooming since she just had him done and plans on using me while the weather is still cold and then during the summer going back to her usual groomer since she won't have to deal with the weather. This is the first person who has ever told me this. I'm not about to turn away business for my groomer since it can help pay bills during the winter months at least and it can give us the opportunity to wow her into wanting to remain with us. Just was curious if anyone else had mobile clients that only used them during the winter?
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    I have a couple of customers like that. I took over for a groomer that left and opened her own place out in a more rural area. A couple of her customers come to me in bad weather only, so I only see them once or twice a year. I don't mind at all - the customers are happy with the arrangement and that's good enough for me.
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      That sounds like a good advertising idea for the winter months.


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        I have a couple (literally, two clients) who handle their own grooming in the summer and use me late fall through spring. They book a tentative appointment at their last one in the spring because they want to make sure there'll be room for them when they want to start up and they both know from their neighbors who use me that there can be a wait if they don't.

        Sadly for them I am not working for much of the winter because I need to take a hiatus, but they did book their Christmas grooms well in advance and got those last month.

        It works out, I have a few clients who don't believe their dogs need grooming when it's cold (short haired dogs at least).



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          i do a few out of staters that use me when visiting nj. I have a few home groomers that use me to "fix the lines" and then they continue grooming. I used to have one lady who used me when ever her reg groomer was out of town. One lady used me specifically for her poodle groom because her daughter was getting married and the dog was in the photos. her reg groomer must have gotten pissed about that one (she is a mobile who charges 35. cash only and drives an absolutley filthy gross van and pays no taxes (but i won't go there)


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            That is what snowbirds are. Oct-April.