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At least she has good timing!

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  • At least she has good timing!

    Well, Lola, my van, always seems to break on me at the best times. I went to groom tonight, came home, plugged in so I could run the heaters and it worked for about 10 seconds and then I lost all power. Thought I must have blown a breaker inside the house, so I go in and see, nope, no breaker blown. Now I have never been able to find a breaker box inside the van. So it's 8:30pm and I am lucky enough that my mechanic's office is open until 9pm and the guy who always works on my van works 3rd shift, so he's there overnight. I call and they ask me if I can bring her over immediately. Ten minutes later I'm there, emptying as much water as I can out of the tanks to try to prevent as much freezing as possible. So, she waited until after I was done with my appointment, but then made she she broke when I was still out there to see it so she didn't sit overnight without power and she made sure to break when I could still bring her over to the mechanic. How sweet is she?
    I think I mentioned a few weeks ago I backed out of the driveway and forgot to unplug and pulled the box that I plug into right out of the van, so it could be something finally came losse as a result of that. Who knows, but she's supposed to be fixed by the morning. Don't know how much this is going to cost, but at least it won't interrupt any of my grooming (at least it shouldn't). Hopefully I can find a ride back over there early so she's not sitting in the cold too long.
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    Well atleast the timing was good. My 88' van is starting to have issues. We know it needs a new steering gear box as it was leaking but leak stop is helping but not a cure, spendy part ($240). I waited till last min to get emissions done for my tabs, boy i won't do that again. It failed so i had to get a garage to check it over, pay $162 for them to look at it & give me a paper to give to the emissions people, take the test over again & then get a weaver then get my tabs. The DOL didn't even look at the weaver. Crazy. Atleast one more emissions in 2012 & she's done. My husband will be doing the work on the van though because the garage wants $110 just for the o2 sensor, $7 for shop parts & $78 for labor. We can get it for $40 & free labor. The bad part about having a old van is I need a new air cleaner box & they don't make them. It came to us with duct tape on it as its broken. So we get to go to the local Pull A Part to look for one.

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      Shannon come to Florida

      We got rid of emissions and inspection testing years ago!


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        Just picked the van up. Cost me $53 for them to tell me they couldnt' find anything wrong. Everything worked fine for them when they plugged it in! WTH? Must be those dang van gremlins! So it's home, plugged in and working. Said he plugged in the recirc and blew their breaker but I'm thinking he tried turning everything on at once and you can't do that. It pulls 3 amps, and if he had the heaters plugged in as well that's more than enough to blow something. Hopefully nothing is frozen and it has enough time to warm up, in case anything did, before my appointments tonight.
        What a caterpillar considers the end of his world, we call a butterfly.


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          Mylady, I will sincerely be thinking good thoughts. I just hate it when it won't do it for them!!

          Do let us know how it goes. Maybe it was just a freak thing, and nothing is wrong at all.