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Must have winter footwear, Yak Tracks and Ugg Boots

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  • Must have winter footwear, Yak Tracks and Ugg Boots

    Ugg Boots are very poppular around here, mostly among teenagers. When my eldest daughters asked for a pair last year, I didn't really care much for them. Later I realized they are the most comfortable boots and they keep my feet really warm. I you don't know what they are, they are sheepskin boots from Australia. They are expensive, but they are worth it. Also, if you have to walk on the snowy and icy sidewalk or driveway, you've got to get yak tracks. They are kind of like chain on your tires. They are made of rubber and metal and you put them on the sole of your shoes or boots. Today I had to put mine on my shoes and I had no problems walking on my client's icy driveway. I also use them when I have to walk my dogs. You will not slip on ice when you put them on your shoes.

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    I have Yak Tracks scattered around my house like my gloves. Absolutely could NOT make it thru the Winter w/out them. Neither would my wild birds, as all the feeders seem to be located on the steep and often icy hill in the woods and it would be impossible to fill them w/out my Yaks. Not to mention my icy, inclined driveway.
    Greatest inexpensive Winter gear invention since the mitten!
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