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Space Heater Scare

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  • Space Heater Scare

    So for some reason a couple of weeks ago, my space heater in the van was not getting very warm.
    I turn it on at night and when I get out in the van the next morning it's still really cold.
    Last year when I had the space heater going it kept it nice and toasting in there overnight.
    So I took my small metro blow dryer and blew at the front of the dryer to see if it's just dirty inside, and a little bit of hair came out the back vents.
    So I thought now it will work. Still nothing.
    Then a couple of days ago the fan stopped working. I again checked the back of the unit and could see a little bit of hair behind the fan. So I took my hymostat and pulled this little bit of hair out. And it was a GOB of hair, and then I pull more out and more out. By the time I was done there was this huge pile of hair that was between the coils and the fan.
    I'm really greatful that I didn't have a fire on my hands.
    So anyone using a space heater in the grooming area.
    Check for hair behind the fan, apparently the blow dryer does not blow it all out.

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    the space heater i use in the work area is HVed at the end of the day. it is something the amount of hair that comes out.
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      Daily cleaning

      is a very good idea. You can hols some of them up to a light and see when hair is starting to get stuck in them. Most of them come apart but can be just what you would expect to put back together. The off on speed dials eventually get dust or dander stuck between the contacts and it appear to be broken but is fine with a shot of air.
      I use mine also as a heat source for my hv so it gets used in the worse way possible which results in it getting hair in it with each groom. I end up cleaning it out between grooms on some days. If it is cold out it has to run enough to warm the space ,heat the hv while the roof vent is ajar to let the moisture out so the windows do not fog up other wise it will be too damp to dry fast and cleaning hair off the wet windows between grooms does not increase productivity.
      Today is a bust with the snow Im not driving anyplace because no one here is practiced at driving in snow. Time to go back to the mountain base and rate the accidents. I thought I was going to be alone but it is turning out to be a local form of entertainment there's even people showing up with beer. Some talk of dragging the grill over there and BBQ ing. Guess Im a redneck at heart and just didn't know it.


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        Do you run the space heater while styling? If so I can understand the fire threat. I only ever used my when not in the van, over night.


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          Have you tried one of the oil filled radiator style heaters? I'm not mobile, but I use these space heaters in my basement, and also my garage. No fans, they just heat up like an old fashioned radiator like in older homes that have boilers. They are electric, and do a good job of creating heat. I use one in my garage on those nights that the temp gets down to the teens and lower, so my poor old car will start in the morning. Don't have to worry about things like hair getting into them.


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            If your asking me if I run mine while working then yes. I am not a big fan of running the engine for heat. 70 to 90 is perfect. Once the van is up to temp the electric heat just keeps there.