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Ding Dang its Cold and Froze

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  • Ding Dang its Cold and Froze

    Man is it cold. Went to prep my trailer for tomorrow and I had a thin layer of ice in my holding tank and line coming from tank to hot water heater was froze. I run two heaters in my trailer and the one in the rear holding tank area is usually placed right above the tanks. It usually has enough output to warm the whole holding area, but I guess its just too cold. I moved the heater down and placed it at floor level next to the holding tank so its directing heat at the side of the tank and across the exit line leading to the hot water heater, and cranked it up to high. I hope that does the trick, because I have several new client grooms tomorrow.

    My rear holding tank area is 3' deep, by 6' wide by 7' tall. The rest of the trailer is the tub, table, cabinets, supplies and I run a oil heater in that area and I cranked it up to high. Can anyone tell me what type of heaters they are running and their output to avoid this problem? This is my first hard freeze here in TN with my mobile. Its usually not that cold here, but its been in the mid teens with highs in the low 20's so I'm in unfamiliar territory right now when it comes to needing this many space heaters. The sad part is the forcast over the next few days has it getting even colder. Saturday its suppose to be single digit lows and mid teen highs and in the wind chill and they are calling for below zero and negative temperatures.

    Also can anyone tell me what this is going to do to my home electric bill. I know its going to go up, but how much? I'm a little freaked out my electric bill is going to sky rocket up a $100 bucks or so running these heaters 24/7 to keep things thawed out.

    I guess I could drain my tanks every day, but I'm not sure how to expel the water out of the hot water heater. The water only enters in from the top and exits from the top. Even if I pump the tank dry its still going to leave water in the water heater and I'm afraid if it freezes it will bust the tank on it. Any suggestions?

    Thanks in advance for any advice or suggestions.

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    Found the solution

    Here is a little update. Got up this morning after running both space heaters and the line from the holding tank was froze. Man was I mad.... so off to lowes I went to do a little research on solving the issue and I found the solution; at least for my mobile trailer.

    Here is my situation and I'm not sure if all mobile trailers are built the same. Hose exits out of bottom of tank, runs along floor, enters the water pump mounted to the floor, exits out of the water pump, and continues into the water heater. Since heat rises the lines never get enough heat to keep from freezing. The problem with my trailer is the floor is not insulated, but the walls and ceiling are so I need to find a solution to keep the line from freezing.

    At lowes I found Easy Heat Heating Cable, but was unsure if I could use it on my reinforced PVC lines. So Standing in Lowes I called them and they told me how I could use it on those type of lines. They said to wrap the line in aluminum foil, then run the heating cable along the line attaching it hi temp electrical tape every 4 to 6 inches or so, and Lastly wrapping it with rubber insulation. I used 1/8" self adhesive pipe wrap from frost king wrapping it twice. They also recommended that I install use it in conjunction with their plug-in thermostat. It allows the heat cable to self regulate turning it on when it reaches 38 deg and off when it reaches 50 degrees.

    10 Minutes after I had it installed I had running water. I now just have to run my space heater to keep my tank and hot water heater from freezing over night.