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  • My Business Could HAve Ended Or

    I could have been seriously hurt or died today! I was going home and just gone a few yards at about 35MPH when a cop car with flashing lights and I can't even remember a siren flew by and on his way forced me into the side of the road where there is a deep 3ft cement ditch.

    Scared the He** outta me! But had I gone a foot more I would have driven into a deep ditch and ruined my rig, maybe myself. I have to say, I started swearing at the cop, and was mad that on the way to the bad guy, he nearly hit me! At the next intersection i could see his flashing lights. He wasn't chasing anyone, he was going to something, someone. Geesh! I couldn't drive for a few minutes. I tried complaining to 911 but my phone was dead. The weather today is warm T-shirt weather, and sunny. I actually had my Air Conditioner on to groom. Never before in January.

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    I so glad to hear you are okay .... I am in phoenix too & our trailer got hit yesterday. It wasnt terrible damage & turned out to be a teen driver who did it.. we were all shook up about it but no one was hurt & insurance took care of everything. I was using my air conditioner today too out in gilbert... gotta love the dessert.