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When did you start seeing profit?

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  • When did you start seeing profit?

    Hi guys,

    I have started my own mobile dog wash/clipping business about 3 months ago. Its not a franchise, one I've started from scratch. I have only 3 re-occuring customers and have had about 10 one off customers. I was wondering if anyone would like to share when your business started seeing re-occuring clients and when you started seeing a profit. In the first year? the second year?

    Thank you.

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    I also started my mobile business a few months ago. I saved up enough before I started to pay my trailer off so I don't have a whole lot of expenses. I also didn't have a lot of money left over for advertising so it has been a slow start - so far I have about 15 customers. I always ask when they are paying if they would like to rebook and 90% of them do. When it's really slow I have my part time grooming job at a different shop to fall back on. I can't help you out with the profit question yet but try asking before they leave if they want to rebook.


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      I started cheap with an older used mobile and was able to start paying myself something after about 4 months. In the first year I had about 98% of all the clients I booked use me again. It was hard to figure some of them because I do cats as well and many only have them done once or twice a year. I also do not have a lot on 6 week schedules. I have some one 4-8 week schedules but many, because of the economy, may use me once every 3 months or so. I do one client with 3 springers that only has me come twice a year. So it may be hard to judge at this point how many return clients you really have. I had a couple clients admit to trying someplace else that was cheaper but eventually come back to me, so I am not worried about being too expensive either. I am also part time and in the first year was only doing about 4-5 a week, and my goal was 10 per week. But I didn't have a van payment to worry about then either and very low overhead.
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        You [b]have[/b] to adverstise if you want a [u]quick[/u] start to your business from scratch. I didn't have much cash on hand to advertise either, but I took a big leap of faith and signed a contract for a years worth (not saying you should do this, however...don't know your circumstances). A lot of "profit" went toward it, but I figured it as part of the cost of doing business, so it was just added to my bottom line. $XX dollars a week to advertise and X number of dogs per week to cover it. For me it's been fairly effective, I got a good start, but I have noticed things leveling off, so I'm thinking of changing things up a bit this year. Maybe a different paper or different section of the paper.
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          I think a good average is 13-18 months.


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            I agreed with MydogMissy that you have to put some money into advertising but in the beginning you may not know which media is the most effective for you. My best method of adversting is the newspaper ad, despite all the talk about how newspaper is obsolete comparing to the Internet. Phone book ad doesn't bring that many client to me. Most weeks I made profit but don't have a high payment. I started full time in July and now I average between 12-25 dogs a week. I did good in Dec. I still have people that tried me once and didn't see them again. I think it was the money issue. Some of them that don't rebook right away, I will send them a reminder postcard or e-mail. Sometime it helps.


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              Losing money from startup to month thirteen.
              Breaking even from month fourteen to month eighteen.
              Making small profit from month nineteen on.

              Watch your expenses. They will eat you alive otherwise. Advertising is important, but don't buy every advertising media that a salesperson throws at you.

              Best advertising: Your van
              Second best: Internet
              Third best: Yellow Pages (the MAIN one, not the also rans)
              Fourth best: Cable TV advertising (if it's cheap where you are)
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                In Australia the most effective advertising comes from the Yellow Pages. You can request a free online listing from them with just your biz name and phone number or you can have an ad with pics of your grooming and links to your website which gives you priority in the search results. There are also many other options. The advantage of online is that it goes up very quickly whereas if you miss the book cut off date you have to wait another year. Half of my home clients come from my online ad, the rest are referrals. I dont do any other advertising. New businesses need time to gain momentum.


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                  I'm in month 13.....

                  When I first began my business November of '08 - I contacted a local paper and they ran an article on the business for free. You have to advertise. Or, if you aren't advertising - your vehicle better be in high traffic area for all to see, at different times of the day, when you are not grooming dogs.

                  But even if you don't have alot in the budget for advertising, there are some cheaper opportunities to do so...

                  Within 3 months my business was paying for itself. I have around 70 regulars, between 2 and 10 week schedules.

                  I would have seen a profit 3 months ago but my truck needed work on, I bought some additional supplies... etc...

                  Good Luck - if you have any other questions, don't be afraid to ask!!!



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                    Profit? We're supposed to make a profit? Rut Ro......


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                      This is NOT helping my headache!
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