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    I recently got rid of large dogs that are too much work and take up too much time. But I have a elderly client who has a standard poodle that I got rid of but they called me to see if I could recommend another mobile groomer to come because they can't take him anywhere themselves. I am pretty sure all the other mobile groomers in the area only groom small dogs. So now Iam wondering if I should make an exception and do the dog. I don't think i was charging enough though. Another problem with this dog is the elderly mans daughter requests that I Shave his face feet and leave poms on his legs which takes time to do. I am not very good at shaving feet either. Now this dog was a show dog so he runs in a circle in the yard and is always filthy from doing that. I mean the water is dark brown. Last time I groomer him he had fleas. Therefore I had to cancel the following appointment to disinfect the van before anyone elses dogs came in the van. so here are my questions. What do I charge? I am thinking I should charge hourly if I decide to do it. How much hourly? Another question I have for people is what do you do when a dog comes in with fleas? Also what do you do if this same dogs come in repeatedly with fleas and the owners don't take care of it? What do you do to the van after these dogs with fleas were in there? THANKS!

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    I would NOT take the dog if they don't treat the flea problem effectively, no matter if they can't take it somewhere. There's no reason for that! Charge what you feel is comfortable, in your area I think they get at least a 3 digit figure.
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      Recommend other mobiles that you know, but also recommend a Pet Taxi service that helps owners get their dogs to the groomer/vet/etc.


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        Hey Jess, I take them up to 70 pounds so if you want to, give them my number. When I do evenings I only do one client at a time so if he had fleas I could take care of the van without a problem. the only issue is they may not want to pay what I charge for a Standard Poodle, but it's an option for you. I actually do a few Standard Poodles. Feel free to email me or call me if you need to.
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          the dog was a standard poodle SHOW dog -- and he has fleas and is filthy? I'm guessing he is not with the orig owners anymore or... he's old?

          anyway -- when he first had fleas did you talk to them about flea prevention? have you asked them if they applied that knowledge?

          but ultimately - you dont sound as if you want to do him , large dogs or standard poodles, because doing bracelets (it sounds like you are describing a bikini cut also known as a san tropaz) is fairly simple... yes, poodles are time consuming....

          since you want smaller dogs, and are not comfortable I'd give them to MyLady or..some other mobile ..its NY...there must be more of em? Or.... hook him up with a pet taxi like was recommended...

          too bad he had fleas... surely there is a way for him to be "flea free" even in ny? I'd be working on that for them if nothing else... but a bikini clip once set in pattern is sooo easy to maintain...especially if he's fairly short over the rest of his body.