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I want a fireplace in my mobile!

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  • I want a fireplace in my mobile!

    So I've been off work since Dec 23 for a winter break and to be with the kids and the weather here has been pretty decent til this weekend and it got super cold, like single digit cold! i haven't been plugging in at night just cause i wasn't gonna be working until today so it took ALL day yesterday to thaw out everything in my mobile and my step dad ended up getting a kerosene heater out of storage to put in there to help thaw. It worked GREAT except for the awful fumes. I worked with it in there today and i was sooooo toasty warm all day (it was in the teens today) The only down fall are those pesky fumes, i did open a window and one vent in the roof for ventilation and was still super warm. I worked with just a space heater last year and was still rather cold especially if it was below freezing, it was almost impossible to keep it warm.
    So my question to everyone out there is do u use anything other that a space heater to keep your rig warm??? I'm curious if maybe there is some type of small, ventless fireplace that maybe runs on natural gas taht i could use in the rig, i think that would be great. Any suggestions?

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    There's gas/electric fireplaces/stoves and they come in all sizes, even small like a space heater. Check somewhere like Lowes and search for electric/gas fireplace. They're really neat.
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      Any fireplace that runs on gas has to be vented my hubby said. Maybe you could get one & put a little pipe hole in the side of the vehicle to pipe the fumes out.

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        The RV furnace installed in my mobile will run you out, it gets hot enough.

        Yes, it regularly drops below freezing in my part of Florida.
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            I put a small space heater in my van when it gets super cold at night and open the towel hatch so the warm air gets to the back where my recirculator pumps are. I just run an outside electrical cord from my garage to my van and plug it in.


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              Space heaters in the back and grooming area still does NOT prevent the clean water tank from freezing (know from experience), so you will need to keep the furnance set to it's lowest setting and let it run. The furnance tubing surrounds the water tank and prevents it from freezing. It was so cold this weekend that I ran through 3/4 tank of propane, and I'm parked in a garage !!

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                I don't have a furnace in my rig and keep an oil heater and space heater in the back. My tanks have never frozen that way. At most my water pump has frozen and that is if I don't have both heaters on.
                I have a diesel and idle while grooming and that is the only source of heat I have. It gets swelteringly hot in my rig! I usually have to turn the heat down or off half way through the groom.
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                  I saw this at act hardware. Its electric.