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Mobile Van owners- What to do when water freezes in the hose while filling ?

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  • Mobile Van owners- What to do when water freezes in the hose while filling ?

    The weather channel said it feels like 13 degrees right now and its breaking record lows since its supposed to be around 50 degrees. We tried filling it straight from the hot water heater with no luck. Outside faucet is frozen. I've canceled the 9am and just waiting to see if it works by 11 for the next appointment.

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    We had a wind chill of 3 today - welcome to warm GA! I brought my fill hose into the laundry room to warm up before I attempted to fill my tank - I had it in for about an hour. It worked wonderfully! I think starting with a "warm hose" (indoor room temp), helps. I noticed that water that hit the ground froze almost instantly this morning. I also fill my tank from my laundry room, so I have hot water going into the tank. BTW the fill hose is drained after every fill too, but the hose still freezes when outside which is why I brought it in to warm up.


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      I ended up buying a FLAT hose on a reel. Unwind the hose, slip it under the garage door of my house out to the van. Hook it up to my faucet with the right connector and run hot water to the tank. It works well. Roll it up again and put it inside the house for storage.
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        I always fill up the tank at night when I get home, that way if something is frozen I don't have to cancel appointments. We have a big blower heater attatched to a propane tank that thaws the faucet instantly. But before we had that I just put a little space heater as close as possible to the faucet on high and it usually thawed in an hour or so. As far as the hose goes, disconnect it from the faucet annd drain it completely after you use it every night and it won't freeze, I leave mine in the garage every night. I also keep spray de-icer for when the water inlet on the van freezez up on me. Hope this helps, winter is a PITA!


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          I also fill up when I get in each day, typically in the afternoon, so it's the warmest part of the day anyway. My faucet gets the sun most of the day, and it's a hot and cold faucet, so that helps. When it's really cold I turn it on and off from the inside, under the kitchen sink and leave the taps outside open. That avoids a burst pipe. I take the hose inside and leave it in my laundry room during the day so it's not frozen when I get home.

          So, my routine is to back up my driveway to an ivy covered hill and dump my water there so I won't have ice in the driveway. Then I back up to the house. I take my towels inside and go to the laundry room, start my towels, grab the hose, go out and hook it up. By doing this now I seldom have an issue with the intake valve because all day I try to park in as sunny a spot as I can and the ambient temp in the van keeps it from freezing anyway. Go back inside, turn on water. While it fills I finish my clean up (most of which I do at the last house during the final groom). Go back in house, turn off water, unhook hose, bring back inside.

          When I deviate from this routine I have trouble. I worked Saturday to make up for an ice day last week and decided to fill up on Sunday. No dice, the intake was frozen. I had to move the van into the sun and wait a couple of hours.