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Xmas in January for my clients!

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  • Xmas in January for my clients!

    Well, this was one whopper of a holiday. The generosity that I was shown by my clients was mind blowing! I did not have time to sit down to write thank you notes, or to call after hours - soooooo, I got creative! I am going to have a drawing for each customer - not a picture drawing, but a discount drawing. I am putting 100 christmas gift tags in a bag marked with $5, $10, half off, and free grooms on them. Now, I am only putting 3 free grooms in the bag of 100, and when they pull their card it does not go back in the bag, so, someone will get the freebies!!!! The stipulation for me is that I had to see the customer during the holiday season. I think that it will be fun, I will be rooting for every single person to be the winner, and, I think that it will create a buzz for my business!!! (I hope anyway). I know how I get when someone gives me a scratch off - so, I hope that this will get everyone happy during the January doldrums, and it will also express my gratitude for an unbelievable holiday season 2009!

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    That is really clever!! Hope you don't mind if I write it down to use next year?!