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    Happy New Year everyone! I've been on the road for one week in my new mobile business. I was thinking-how do I gauge myself on rebooks? I know it's not realistic to expect every customer to rebook but what ratio do I use? One out of three-one out of two?
    I had a customer call-his wife had been grooming his maltese/shihtzu herself and he wanted me to come and groom it. He said it had two mats. We'll when I got there the little thing was matted to the skin everywhere. He told me to cut her short just not down to the skin. I scissored away at the mats and used a 5F and of course charged accordingly. When I took their pet back in I apologized for taking so long but I wanted to take my time due to the mats. They said they were way over due and I asked if they wanted to schedule another appointment four weeks from now to keep the maintenance up with the coat. They said no that they would call me again.
    I got the feeling they needed someone to get them back to ground zero so the wife could continue to trim on her herself.

    So I started thinking-how do I gauge my rebooks to give me and idea on how I'm doing?

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    You can't force anyone to rebook, you can only ask. Some people are going to get their dog shaved down twice a year by a groomer, in spite of the fact that in between they think are "grooming the dog themself." Usually that means they are washing the dog and brushing the dog (the top of the dogs coat, underneath a pelt.) Some mobiles will groom these dogs, some won't. I personally don't mind doing this once but if the owner doesn't rebook I don't go back. However, since you're starting out as I once did, I took pretty much everything, except biters. As long as you're paid accordingly, what the heck. Especially if it's a nice dog. And don't forget to have the owner sign the matted dog form just in case.

    It's really too early too tell as far as rebooking goes. Give it some more time.

    zephrcain, Happy New Year to you too. Wishing you a super successful 2010!


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      Thank you

      Wet Nose-I actually used your form as a template for mine. I briefly summarized it and asked him to take his time and read over it and sign. Keep the advice coming-trust me it's being put to use!


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        I found that MOST people did rebook. For a spell I was inflating my price by $5 and then offering a $5 "discount" for those who rebooked. It did work for those on the fence. Like WetNoze, when I started out I took everyone except biters (I even took them for the first few months till I spent a weekend in the hospital on IV antibiotics!).

        It won't take long before you are so busy you will be able to honestly tell people who don''t rebook that you can't promise they'll be able to get an appointment when they call for one as you are getting very booked up. Nothing says you can't tell them that anyway ;-) People want what they can't have. I recently changed my outgoing message to "I am no longer accepting new clients" (because I'm not do to an upcoming 6 week hiatus) and I have MORE people wanting to get on a waiting list!



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          Originally posted by zephrcain View Post
          Wet Nose-I actually used your form as a template for mine. I briefly summarized it and asked him to take his time and read over it and sign. Keep the advice coming-trust me it's being put to use!
          I's so glad!!!


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            I started off pretty busy my first year. Now that I'm facing my third year this Summer, I'm at a point where I can pick n choose. If someone doesn't rebook, I don't have time for them when they want in for an appt. Same goes for those that want to reschedule an appt. They have to call me a few days in advance; otherwise I can't change my appts around. You'll see. I was looking forward to Jan and Feb cause those months I usually slow down a little, but not this year. I've started scheduling a day off here and there through out the year. GOOD LUCK!