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    Most of my dreams I don't remember much detail of but I had one last night that woke me up all panicky. I was turning my trailer around in a parking lot when I look back in my mirrors to see my tires are warped and getting ready to fall off. Before I had a chance to react my tires fall off then my trailer splits in half right between the axles and all of my belongings start to fall out trailing behind me. That is when i woke up. I laid in bed a few minutes thinking about what happened realizing it was only a dream. Thank goodness! I think i go check my tires now....

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    2 nights ago I had a nightmare that I was banned from! I couldn't remember what I had done in the dream just that I wasn't allowed to come here anymore. in the dream came and confiscated my computer and everything to ensure I could never come back. It was TERRIBLE!

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      I never have bad dreams. One of the bonuses for clean living, I guess.

      The last "bad" one I recall had to have been a good fifteen years ago. In my dream I was lying in bed, sort of awake but with my eyes closed. Suddenly I heard the sound of someone slowly walking up to the side of the bed. The person stood right next to the edge of the bed and I could sense they were staring at me. Then I sensed he was slowly bending over, his face very close to mine, as he continued to stare at me.

      Then, I felt him touch my arm.

      Man alive, one second later I was almost hanging from the ceiling by my fingernails. Of course, nobody was actually there. But it sure had seemed like it.

      It really got my throttle opened up when it happened, but after I calmed down I wished I had actually taken a peek at who this guy was.

      I mean, if it was George Clooney or Daniel Day-Lewis, it would have been a good dream instead of a nightmare!


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        It might have been a ghost!!! I have had exactly the same experience, I saw him and it was a man who was wearing that old heavy thick army uniform from the first world war. I looked away and then looked back and he was gone. It made my heart race. The only relative from that time I have was my grandfather who died before I was born so maybe it was him.


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          When I start having dreams about my van going up in flames or driving off a bridge I know it's time for me to slow down a little.
          I am over stressed. It usually happens when I get really busy and don't take a day to re-coop.
          Relax a little and give yourself a much needed day off.


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            Not too long ago I had a dream I was grooming this one pet ALL DAY LONG and was stressing out because the hours were ticking by and I was still grooming him.


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              Before I went mobile and still had the shop....I would have the same dream every Christmas. It's Christmas eve about 9pm we're finally finished with our 35 dogs and my bather and I are getting ready to go home. We get to the backdoor and realize theres one dog left in the bank of cages..AND HE HASEN'T EVEN BEEN TOUCHED !!!!! AAAAAHHHH !! Then I wake up. LOL


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                After I first got my trailer I had a horrible dream that I was out working and I kept doing these awful things... like going over speed bumps too fast and it cause my trailer walls to cave in, and I kept cutting people off and going over curbs. And in my dream every street I drove down there were other mobile groomers everywhere and everyone was looking at me dragging this delapatated wrecked trailer around. It made me a nervous wreck for a few days. I think it was just the jitters.... Although last week I was NOT paying attention and I did go over a curb and tweeked one of the rims a bit.... OOOPPS!


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                  This is a neat thread. It is so interesting what dreams can sometimes mean in our waking world, and how they refresh and clear out our subconscious. I always have such vivid dreams. Hubby says it is because I sleep so deeply once I actually get to bed.
                  Funny, this week I have been on a Thai food binge and my dreams have been EXTRAORDINARY! *giggle*
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                    Originally posted by ralla View Post
                    Not too long ago I had a dream I was grooming this one pet ALL DAY LONG and was stressing out because the hours were ticking by and I was still grooming him.
                    OMG, I think I've actually done that back when I was a newbie...hahahahahaha


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                      Update on my trailer dream. So I went outside later that morning and no bent/warped tires but I checked the air pressure and they were are pretty low. I guess it might have to do with the weather being so cold. Anyway I added some air and now i feel better. Too bad I didn't have a dream about my trailer freezing up. I didn't realize how cold it was suppose to be and forgot to turn my heater on and the hoses froze for the first time.

                      Back on the dream subject. I have also had weird dreams about one of the doctors I work with. It creeps me out because in no way am I attracted to him but I go to work thinking about them. But I have these dreams that would never happen in real life. The one I had the other night (same night as the trailer dream) was where I rescued him and his two girlfriends from a island on a lake during a storm. I also rescued a kitten which seem to touch him because after that we "embraced" while still holding the kitten. Not hugged, not kissed, but embraced. And he is definitely not the embracing type. So what gives??? These disturb me. I don't like dreaming about him. Especially since he is my future boss. (He is suppose to take over when his dad retires.)


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                        I think that dreams can mean many things. In the bible, the Lord chose to communicate through dreams at times. Usually they were prophetic.

                        I have had two dreams that were soooo vivid to me that I actually remember them many years later and have thought they were biblical type of dreams, but I wasn' sure exactly what they meant for sure. Fast forward 7 or 8 years and one day I came across a Psalm that described pretty nearly exactly what one of my dreams was. It was freaky when i discovered that, but sort of neat also and it meant pretty much what I thought it had, at the time... the other dreams, I've yet to find in the bible LOL.

                        Other dreams, I find that they are disturbing to me.. usually I forget them quickly but right at the time in the middle of the dream that I awake, I am disturbed b/c they are unpleasent somehow. And usually, I figure those are the dreams that que me in that something is bothering me - what I've drempt about. Or, some fear. etc.

                        I think many times our dreams are something we are frustrated with, fear/anxiety about, or stressed out over/have not resolved from our past or present.

                        It sounds to me like you are uncomfortable with the dream ... maybe you are just expressing your discomfort around this man or the upcoming situation. I am willing to guess you have some unresolved feelings of some sort about him or the situation. For example, maybe you dont like the idea of working for him; maybe you fear he wont like you working for him; maybe you fear he'll think you incompetent and fire you; maybe you sense he reminds you of playboy men you dont care for (you said he has two girlfriends?)..maybe you do like him and you dont realize it, maybe you dont like his two girlfriends, maybe you think they are skanks..maybe you will miss his father when he retires; maybe you want a raise...

                        maybe maybe maybe..only you can figure out what it is that is drawing this man to your dreams.

                        But i would say, dont worry about them too much... just accept it as your brain trying to process something. I used to have recurring dreams that were not fun... I was a victim of childhood abuse ... and used to have dreams that were unpleasant ...about the family members whom it involved.. it wasnt that I repeated the abuse all the time in the dreams, but i would dream about being in that environment ..and it was awul. Those people died I later found out as an adult and then -- I had maybe a small handful of dreams after that... and then they stopped. It has been more dreams....

                        I learned though not to worry too much about those dreams, because it was just my brain processing some stuff that was obviously too much to handle as a child and it took that long..many many years...into adulthood. And they finally stopped...

                        You are processing someting about this new boss. Of course, i dont study dreams or know anything much technically about them