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    how do you get people to look at your web site. i have a new web site and want people to be able to find me when thay google grooming.

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    I like the layout and the pictures are adorable! I didn't see a spot for the dogs that weight 11-25 lbs though.


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      It's very crisp and clean, I like it. You have to have "keywords" in your website and then also use Google Tools to get it "indexed" on Google.

      If these terms are unfamiliar to you, you may need to request assistance with your website from someone who understands those terms.


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        Take this as constructive ...........

        Your wording is very negitive. The first thing I noticed was "no" all over the page, then "avoid", "stress", "inconveneince" need to work with the text and make it more positive.


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          Originally posted by baddog View Post
          Take this as constructive ...........

          Your wording is very negitive. The first thing I noticed was "no" all over the page, then "avoid", "stress", "inconveneince" need to work with the text and make it more positive.
          Thats great! I could not put my finger on it but you are right.


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            I like what you have done. May I suggest you place your contact info at the top of each page. As a customer, I like being able to see the phone number when the page first opens.
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              Yes as was mentioned before, you need keywords for the spiderbots to read so when someone runs a search it "catches" these words and pulls your page up. Also, updating or changing your page more often will help it come up higher in search results as well as having a website that is on contract for more than a year. I read that there are so many "fly by night" web sites that the engines are more likely to pull up the sites that have been set up for 2-3 years or more at a time. I can't remember where I rad all of this, but it was when I was trying to get my site to come up better on searches and was researching how.
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                There are

                places that you can get your website listed free. Some you have to pay a fee for. Many are geared for local businesses. Merchant circle is one, there are others.

                Also list your website here on the online trade show, ad a link to your web site.

                By adding keywords and meta tags your website it then becomes visible to search engines, as already said.


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                  Where is that Azoci?



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                    I like the site BUT..

                    The site states everything you are trying to convey but your page goes off of the screen and you have to scroll sideways and that's a no no.centralize your content to the center of the easy site to publish your work without having to pay or use html is at or for flash animation.But the site is great,it gets to the point,that's all that really counts. I created a site for my lead groomer on yola at good luck in your grooming future! Paul


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                      Cute website, I love pink! You live in my area, I live in Kennesaw! We should do a meetup.
                      Bulldogs are adorable, with faces like toads that have been sat on.


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                        Top Website by Groomers at

                        Well, there used to be a link to the online trade show. Sorry, I hunted and couldn't find it. Dang, it may be an oversite since all the new updates.

                        I did try my link from my web site, and it works, brings up Top Websites by Groomers at guess contacting Admin is the way to go for now. One on the top website , you can join, and infut your link to your web site. Used to be you just went to the online trade show link on the home page and then click Top sites....sorry.

                        Stephen: It's up at the top of every page of the board under the pink tab for buyers guide, rank groomer websites.


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                          Getting on search engines is very complicated. First, your web site is very basic. Hire someone who can make it pop. The wording needs to be more professional and watch for grammar errors. Go to other mobile stylists and see what they have done. Next, hire someone to tell you what you need to do to get noticed on search engines. It is absolutely amazing all of the things you need to do to get on a first page and it does take a year or more to get on the first page, in most cases. I am doing that right now and we finally made it to the first page. We get a good amount of hits every day. Good luck, I hope this helps.


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                            I wanted to take a peak at it but for some reason its giving me the message "Forbidden, I don't have permission to view on this server". Makes no since. I even copy & pasted it, still got the same message.



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                              Thanks Stephen

                              I must be blind! OK, yep, I got it now.

                              I think anyone who is new at building sites, needs to look at some of the sites that are on the Top Ranked sites. There is a lot of good information that can be gleaned from looking at these sites.

                              When I had to rebuild my site a couple of years ago I checked out many of the sites to see how I could improve my own. Personally, my site may have a little too much information on it, but since I am in an area that Mobile grooming is very new and there are not a lot of us, I leave the information there more as an education for those who care to look at it, but I also include many photos, since many searchers are more interested in photos than reading.

                              I guess one of my objectives is to also give a new client a warm feeling before they have first contact, letting them have the privacy before they actually talk to me. It seems to work.