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WNT Elite Aux Battery Location?

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  • WNT Elite Aux Battery Location?

    Does anyone know where the aux battery (that power things such as water pump) is located? I hink I need to change it because it is not holding is charge as much as it did before.

  • #2 is under the van where the bus door is......good luck


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      On our 2007 Elite, the battery is located underneath the stairs going into the "salon" (so you're gonna have to crawl under it).

      However, might I suggest you contact Jamie at Wag'n Tails and let him know what your symptoms are first?


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        rotton egg smell???

        When my batteries when out the first time they smelled like rotton eggs. Anyway underneath the stairs is where they are located.


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          Additional help!

          Thanks for the responses. I am in a bind and need some help. For some reason my aux battery is not recharging. Today, i drove it for a half hour attempting to see if it recharged. No luck. The main problem is that if the aux battery is drained, I cannot turn on the generator.
          What sort of recommendations can you give me? The problem is that I have scheduled appt on Monday and I Wagn N Tails is closed during the weekend.
          Any suggestions? Or things that I should check? Should I attempt to change the battery myself? If so, has anybody done that?


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            I don't believe the aux battery is "charged" by the engine, so running the elite isn't going to help it. It has it's own charger in the equipment room, mounted on the left near the ceiling (or so ours is).

            The "charger" is also mounted near there.

            I don't know if there's a breaker for that (can't remember), have you looked at the circuit breakers in the equipment room?

            Have you looked at the battery under the stairs at all? Maybe just a cable came off?

            I'd recommend driving by a service center and asking them to look at it real quick. I don't think anybody here can advise you on how to fix it or how to "jump" the battery in order to start the generator.


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              The aux battery

              Is charged by the generator and it has a built in jumper cable. All you have to do is start the van, start the generator, shut off the van and by the time your groom is done the battery will be charged up by the gen.