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Special: Amber's Mobile Pet Salons - Delivered to Groom Expo 2010 - Save Big $$$

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  • Special: Amber's Mobile Pet Salons - Delivered to Groom Expo 2010 - Save Big $$$

    Hershey PA Show Special Details
    This offer is contingent on your purchase of a 7' x 12' Signature trailer
    with drop down rear ramp @ $29,999., and adding full graphic wrap @ $3,000.00.. That is a total price of $32,999...

    Ambers will add the following at NO CHARGE..

    Enclosed bathroom w/ separate holding tank, light and fan ($2,000.00 Value)
    Delivery to Hershey, Pa ($2400.00 Value)
    LED light package including clearance and running lites ($300.00 Value)
    Stainless BullNose Corners w/ 6" Stainless bottom trim ($500.00 Value)
    Front Rock Guard ($75.00 Value)
    XM FM CD Radio w/ iPod connector & 2 speakers ($675.00 Value)
    58" Stainless Tub Upgrade ($300.00 Value)
    Aluminum Wheels w/larger tires ($425.00 Value)
    And last but not least..
    A 20,000 BTU furnace ducted to a basement (subfloor) to keep all your water toastie. Includes larger propane tanks, dual elec/propane water heater..($1500.00 Value)

    That's a total savings of $8,175.00. This is a $41,000+ Salon for $32,999!
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    Congrats to Paula from Texas, Paula flew out with her husband to california last weekend to take a look at our salons, and was so impresed by what she seen, She left a deposit for the Hersey special trailer... Paula will take delivery of her new salon on Sept 12th, from Hersey and tow it to her home in fullton Tx, where she will be starting her new mobile bussiness... Congrats Paula you will be very happy..