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    Still going with finding the right solution for my kitties digestive issues.

    I had bought some california natural herring and sweet potatoe and instinct rabbit formula but it also has salmon and chicken meal and the vet is telling me more than one protein "confuses the digestive tract".

    Anyone ever heard this before.

    They gave me Royal Canin Rabbit formula but he wont even look at it.

    The other four cats will eat the moist food but no one will touch the dry food.

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    I've used several

    of the No Grain foods. When I was still exhibiting, my NW/RW Grand Ocicat was eating the frozen raw. 95% meat, 5% friut and veggies. Best diet I ever used. He was a big guy, but ate only 6 -1 oz nuggets a day. Well, he did have to have his freeze dried fish when he came back from each ring...(yeah simply spoiled)...and on the road, he liked Steve's Real food (freeze dried, he'd eat it dry!) But granted, freezer raw is not for every one.

    Even now with the girls I have after I retired the cattery, still eat no grain, but I like to mix different dry varieties. We did this many years ago with our Chihuahuas, bacause we never knew where our puppies would end up. When we shipped in a cat from Finland, his breeder sent his foods, wow! They do a lot of FISH in that country!

    My new little Iggy/chi is getting a variety of dry, no grain foods. She is doing super, considering she had several issues when I got her, being treated for Giardia, and had very loose stools, yuck! And what did the vet have her on? Guess...yep, Science Diet! I also give her a couple teaspoons of Venison/sweet potato canned. (her dry is Buffalo, Chicken, Salmon [all three] varieties of BC) I also mixed in Taste of Wild, all three varieties. Add in a little Orejin....Yep, I'm a food mixer!


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      Thanks - I've been mixing in the Intinct Rabbit formula I bought also with the multiple protein. Single protein food is no good if he wont eat it, I guess the vet's point is it will be hard to rule out food allergies if it has too many protein sources at once.


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        It will be hard to tell if you mix protein sources. But there are a lot of different unique protein sources out there now a days. Ask your vet about it. They may only carry the rabbit, there are more online. When I was looking into it they had ostrich and some others. Don't give up , you will find some thing he likes!!


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          Try feeder mice.

          Single protein, natural cat food, cats love 'em.


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            Originally posted by Doubledogdare View Post
            Try feeder mice.

            Single protein, natural cat food, cats love 'em.
            LMAO! Oh, that is eeee-vil! Unfortunately for my kitties, Elvis the snake gets first dibs...and he doesn't share.
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              Raw diet

              My Bengal almost didn't live due to his inability to digest commercial cat food. He was literally starving to death, as whatever went in came out 10 minutes later. Thank god I found Feline Instincts online. He is now a very healthy and happy 15 lb cat.
              I make up a couple of months of food for him and freeze it. I would definitely recommend this diet.