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    Hello all. I'm trying to determine the best time of year for a new mobile start up? Do you notice any distinct cycles or seasons that seem to be more productive, etc to new clients? Thanks for any replies.


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    Spring and Summer. They may not become the best repeat customers, but it is a start!


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      Where are you?

      That would make a big difference, as here on the irish riviera, our next busy hit starts right before Easter, and stays steady until labor day. Unless it's a REALLY cold Spring. Snowbirds travel back to their winter homes now, so I would imagine Florida, Arizona, etc groomers get busy then. That's all I can speak for, because we trade grooming notes with several Florida groomers, and a few out West.

      Hope this helps. I'm also not mobile, so hopefully someone more knowledgeable will reply.


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        Originally posted by PAWS View Post
        Spring and Summer. They may not become the best repeat customers, but it is a start!
        Yep, Spring is definately a good time to start. Right now is probably one of the worst times as people are spent out from Christmas and have decided since it is cold, to let the dogs coat grow out for a while anyways. Starting in the Spring, you will probably get a lot of OAY's shavedown, but money is money! Plus there are more puppies in the Spring and the people who got pups for Christmas will need them groomed at about 3-4 mos old - Spring time!


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          I agree with the spring time. Boy last yr was my second Apr & man did I get a ton of new clients, a few became regulars so it was a little disappointing that more didn't stick around though. I lost alot due to the economy & gained alot in the spring. January is normally slow for shops & mobile but each yr it is picking up, my month already looks good with 20 booked & 2 more new ones checking on dates (friend of mine). July sucked last yr 2009, Sept wasn't very good because start of school & Nov wasn't good either this yr. The rest of the months were good. Depending on your area, some need to advertise alot & some don't need to do much at all. For me I will be doing more advertising in 2010 as I'm only averaging 27 dogs a month which is good for me, would like to be doing 35 dogs would be great but each yr I am doubling what I bring in so that is good. I started my business with my husband able to support us so I could start the business slow. Now that my husband moved up to management taking a pay cut (commission & over time up to hourly & no over time) we need to start living on some of what the business brings in, its been a little tough this yr. Had to cut a little health care for 2010, just reduced the amount so if we do get hurt etc it will be more out of our pocket instead of insurance which was still out of our paychecks but so far we're pretty healthy. Next yr we might raise it again we'll see. Cable cut down to very basic etc. I am hoping next yr to be much better.

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            It really doesn't matter what time of year you open. What does make a difference is the marketing you do before you open so customers know where to find you.


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              knows no season!