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A heart felt thanks...

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  • A heart felt thanks...

    this goes out to my BFF Kathy. My truck was snowed in for 3 days of the busy pre christmas rush, my friend who owns a grooming shop and a mobile let me groom my clients that did not want to reschedule at her shop, whether they were dropped off or I collected them in my 4WD, at no charge. I did some grooming for her as she was so busy for which she paid me. We had a blast having never worked together before, we were grooming maniacs on a mission. Just wanted to say thanks my ickle friend!!

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    That is really nice! I love it when groomers stick together.


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      WHAT???? Having actual FUN grooming during the pre-Christmas rush????
      I'm gonna report the boths of you!

      That really does sound like everyone benefited...and that was super nice of her!
      Often it's not what you say, but how you say it.


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        Don't you know Captain and Coke is MY best friend! The drink that is! Sounds like you guys had a good time... I kinda miss working with all my friends in a shop, ON a good day... but I don't miss their drama. Now if my assistant gets out of line I threaten to throw her out of the car in a bad part of town! MUUAAHHHH!