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  • GREAT Product !!!

    I have to say this broom is the best thing ever for cleaning up hair on a wet floor this time of the year!! Just thought every mobile groomer should have one!!!!

    Here is there web site:
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    I have used one in the shop for years; keep one in the mobile; love it loveit loveit.


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      I had one of these and it took it's final breath a couple months ago. I appreciate you posting this. I have had a hard time finding it and I can't hardly stand living without it! Thank you!
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        Yeah, those are great!

        you can even wash the floor and then squeegee it off! Awesome broom.


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          That was my third grooming tip:

          #3) Every mobile and salon should have one of these rubber brooms, called a Sweepa. In my van, it cuts out 90% of the time that it takes to sweep up hair just using a central vac. All I do is a couple of sweeps with the broom, then suck up with the vac. It has a telescopic handle so it stores nicely in my overhead storage area.

 item # SW260IT for $11.97

          Happy Sweeping under the rug !

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            Yes! These are really nice in the salon when it is "staticy" and dry, too. Just a spritz of water and then broom the floor--works great and keeps static down.
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