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Update On Red Light Ticket

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  • Update On Red Light Ticket

    I got a call about an hour ago on a Sunday! A very nice photo cop lady who reviewed my case and photos, after receiving my message to call me. Due to my excellent violation-free record, she let it go as a lesson learned. Whooo hoooo!. It was a speed 47 in flashing yellow school zone 35. I never saw the lights due to my tummy cramps and lack of sleep. I told her about the red light incident on the 22nd and there is NO camera there! She told me what to do for next time. The yellow 35MPH is only inforced at certain school times and I don't usually go there at 2PM.

    What a wonderful belated Christmas gift! It was a good lesson learned.We mobiles are driving around in our shops on wheels and that is our livelyhood. I think we are probably very aware and careful of our vehicles. My generator is in a vulnerable rear spot if I ever got rear ended. She even commented about a groomer friend she knows who works for a shop in the next town from me who always wanted to own her own shop but hasn't yet. No, I can't have a partner because I only groom two, three a day and could not contribute enough to the business partnership.

    So, sometimes we get a break. I was awake all night worrying about this and how I would try to explain to a judge I was sick and not myself. This lady was nice and let me explain but I think she called to tell me she had decided to let me go with a warning.

    I hope you all have a safe Ticket-free Happy New Year! Mobile or not.
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