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  • Kennel Cough Mobile?

    Today a customer leaves a message stating "this is _____ the customer that's the cop with a gun. My dog got kennel cough after you cut her hair and I've spent Hours at the emergency vet. Call me back so we can talk about the lawsuit".Now I'm mobile and my own mobile died on me so I rented a trailor from someone that hadn't used it in a year and I had only groomed in it myself a couple days when I groomed his dog. Being mobile I only groom one dog at a time.And I always run the exhust fan after the bath. I only use green cleaners in between the dogs. I dont have this trailor anymore as I'm going to be getting my new truck in a couple of weeks.But what should I say when I call him back. I've groomed his dog for 5 years now and with all thats going on in my life I really dont need this on top of it.

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    In my opinion...

    If you don't already have an attorney, contact one and have a consultation with him/her right away (they're usually free for the initial consultation). This is without regard to which vehicle you used, or whether you think the dog couldn't have possibly gotten the kennel cough from you (vehicle).

    The "tone" of his statement justifies doing this. Also I would not call him back before you consult with an attorney.


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      uhhhhh what a jerk. If I were you I wouldn't go into this one alone, maybe contact a lawyer, sounds to me like he is threatening you... especially scary since he is a cop. Good luck.


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        Sounds like a bully

        I'm really new on here and can't really help but that message really sounds like he is trying to bully you. The fact that he said he was the cop with the GUN. I would not erase that message just he case he is serious about a lawsuit. I wonder what his boss would think about him describing himself that way. What if he was the chef with the KNIFE? Who leaves that kind of message? What a jerk. I can imagine he is probably upset about his dog but how can he be sure it was from the grooming. Is his dog up on all the vacs? What does he think he can be awarded in the lawsuit? Vet charges but what else? I don't really know what I would do, but if I called him back I would ask about the vacs and how he is so sure it is from the groom. Sorry you have to deal with this one.


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          I would definitely save that message as well. Making sure he mentions that he has a gun definitely sounds threatening.
          Kennel cough is like a cold. He might as well sue greyhound if he rides the bus and comes down with the sniffles.
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            In Tx if you get an attorney the other party is NOT allowed to talk to you again. Girlfriend, the way he talked to you says he is not professional. He can lie and claim you said or did anything. Do NOT return his call and do NOT ditch that recording. Call an attorney.
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              Let's look at this. There is no way anyone can prove the dog got Kennel Cough while in your care. Kennel Cough is the dog equivalent of kids getting a cold at daycare. It happens, often. That's why boarding facilities require vaccs and some shelters vaccinate against it.

              Get an attorney and don't be pushed around. Sorry you're experiencing this. Sucks.
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                Unless the tone in the message he left on your voicemail was CLEARLY joking....he may have put himself in a much bigger world of professional hurt than 1 lil case of possible upper respiratory would ever effect you.
                And definitely save that voicemail.

                I absolutely agree w/ Doc, do not call the man back or answer ANY of his calls until you consult an attorney...and seek out an attorney promptly.

                I suspect it would be difficult for him to prove that his dog unquestionably became infected w/ URI as a result of anything you did or did not do...but that is not my concern here.
                My concern is a public servant with a gun...acting like a bully, as others before me have said.
                If that is the case...there should be a consequence for that, just because he is a PO does not make him above the law, and I interpret his message to rather threatening.
                Often it's not what you say, but how you say it.


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                  please save that message! lawyer up, and study up on kennel cough. it doesn't come on over night. Do Not call him back, that was a very serious threat, HE knows this, he also knows your temperment,or thinks he does. that could be charged as a terroistic threat in todays society, sad but true. get a lawyer!!
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                    I wonder if this cop's boss knows he threatens people this way? And if his boss knows, does the Chief? And if the Chief knows, does the Mayor? Just cause he may have a badge and a gun, he does not have the right to use it to threaten you.

                    Truly, I'd let my lawyer handle this communication.

                    It certainly isn't your fault his dog is sick. It certainly isn't your fault he chose to go to an emergency vet rather than wait for regular hours at a normal vet. Even if his dog did get a cough in conjunction with your grooming, how could anyone know? In truth, his dog could get a cough even if it never went anywhere and you didn't go over to groom it.


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                      Call 911 and them them you received a threatening message from someone claiming to have a gun.....then file a report with his boss !!!!!!!!


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                        I'd definately save that message, too. What a nutjob. Who's to say the dog got it in the mobile anyways? It could have picked it up a a dog park, at the vet's, while out for a walk, etc.


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                          Unless you keep a lawyer on retainer, I would NOT contact an attorney or spend one red cent on communicating with this guy. Call him back and listen to what he has to say. Ask for the contact information of the vet that treated the dog. Explain why it is doubtful that his dog contracted kennel cough in your mobile. I would find out how long kennel cough can survive on stuff or in the air and still infect another animal or does it die quickly.

                          If you have groomed this guys dog for 5 years you should know if he is stone cold crazy or joking about his gun and lawsuit.


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                            Originally posted by baddog View Post
                            Call 911 and them them you received a threatening message from someone claiming to have a gun.....then file a report with his boss !!!!!!!!
                            Exactly! How DARE he use that tone and wording in a call to you! I would be filing a report before he had a chance to even call you back.

                            How long ago did you groom the dog? There are incubation periods. Do you have a release form, vacc records? I saw a case on Judge Judy or one of those shows one time where a lady took a groomer to court over KC. The groomer won simply because they could NEVER prove where it came from and the dog was not UTD on KC vacc. Groomers were not required to keep a check on shots, and shots were "for the pets protection" and if the owner chose not to protect the pet, that was the owners fault not the groomers. The statement was made that if the owner walked the dog down the street or the neighbors dog had come in contact, it could have come from anywhere. I really dont think the potential "lawsuit" is the issue here, but rather the threat you have received. Dont sit back and take that, get a lawyer and threaten them with slander as well as crimanal charges!

                            I would also call the Emergency Vet to make sure what the "cop" heard was actually what the Vet said. Amazing how that gets turned around sometimes.

                            PLEASE keep us posted on this situation.


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                              Originally posted by baddog View Post
                              Call 911 and them them you received a threatening message from someone claiming to have a gun.....then file a report with his boss !!!!!!!!

                              Not threatened by just someone "with a gun", but by a cop! What a bullying idiot! Would he call a school and threaten them after his kid got a cold and cough? Definately do what the others on her advise and DON'T talk to him till you get a lawyer. Save the message and even make a copy or two of it.

                              Guys like this in a position of power really give me shivvers.
                              SheilaB from SC